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Who? Me?

I identify myself as a Pacific Northwest Poet (There’s just so many Ariels’ out there these days!) and I claim to be descended from the Faire Folk and the Shire. Yes, I am petite!

I have been writing poetry since 1977. Typically my style is confessional – very similar to Sylvia Plath

Ariel pacific NW Poet
pacific NW Poet

(famous poet of poem “Ariel” – nope – no connection to my name). Lately, I have been noticing a very “ee cumming’s” voice to my recent work – but I have been going through some major transformations – and this does affect my approach. My process is very organic; I do compose the direction I wish it to take before-hand.

Ariel reading at 2003 Poetry At The Playhouse
Ariel reading at 2003 Poetry At The Playhouse

I have been steadily collecting my credentials over the years. I am a member of Mid-Willamette  Poetry Society Oregon Poets Association, Poetry Writing Collective, Scribe, Silverton Poetry Association, and Willamette Writers, and was a past board member of Third Thursday Poets. I started the Facebook’s group “Poet” a decade ago – it has grown from 8 local poets to 1169 members worldwide. In addition, I participate in many other FaceBook poetry groups; I love the rich feedback I can get from my online friends on drafts I am working on.

Ariel reading poem
Ariel reading poem “But At Night” at the former Cafe Noir’s Open Mic.

I am an active participant of the Open Mics & Spoken Word events in Salem, Oregon & in the Willamette Valley.

I do have a few fantasy novels in process right now – I am not sure if they will be marketed under “Ariel” (many online venues require TWO names, not one), under my legal moniker, or if another name would be most appropriate (perhaps one reflecting my Celtic roots or honoring an ancestor).

Naturally, Ariel is a pen name, a non-de-plume, an alias. And not my only one.

CC Willow Pacific NW Artist
CC Willow
Pacific NW Artist

I am also an artist – for that, I use the brush-name of CC Willow. I grew up as the daughter of artist, Virgil L. Evans Jr. I started painting when a friend & I were starting a “green” interior design company; when I could not find the accessories I wanted, I created them myself and signed the company name. Although that company is past, my business partner granted me her blessing to continue using the name.

I use a variety of mediums – acrylics, watercolors, ink – and am active in the local Artists in Action group.

I do acting, mainly community theater – using “Thia Evans” on stage.

Thia Evans as Emilie in My Three Angels at Brush Creek Playhouse, Silverton Oregon
Thia Evans as Emilie in My Three Angels at Brush Creek Playhouse, Silverton Oregon

Other names given to me have been “Cyn” (usually when I’m partying), “Hey, You”, “Shrimp” … I had a friend once who kept trying to convince me that I am a “Jennifer”; I found it easier just to answer to it when around her.

Ummm, what else? Is there anything else you want to know about me?

Some Published Works:

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