If you follow me on Facebook & Twitter, you would know I love playing with writing prompts – it’s a good way to tap into my unconscious knowledge. Starting Dec 1, 2017, I am now offering a Prompt A Day on my blog.

Ariel’s List

I am also offering a free monthly list of Poetry Prompts; these are different than my daily prompts offered. This is available on Pinterest

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Archived Prompts

Ariel's List of Poetry Prompts November

Ariel's List Of Poetry Prompts October 2018

Nov 13 past kindness

Nov 12 while you were gone

Nov 11 we owe a debt

Nov 10 counting on ol’ Sergent Bert

Nov 9 what the artist did

Nov 8 STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math.

Nov 7 40%

Nov 6 We knew when my brother was coming. Everybody knew.

Nov 5 the redhead in your life

Nov 4 saving the light of day

Nov 3 bison, not buffalo

Nov 2 NovPAD 2/30 when the dead was the living

Nov 1 NovPAD 1/30 the novel I wrote

Oct 31 your favorite monster

Oct 30 can someone explain to me, in small words, why I am being assigned this mission?

Oct 29 a person who has lost their arm now feels someone touching their phantom limb

Oct 28 the only one to notice the nightmare they had left behind

Oct 27 “What the Heck is that?” “my cat” “Cats don’t have eight legs”

Oct 26 a demon kidnaps you with “you’re going to help me settle a bet” 

Oct 25 history taught by a vampire

Oct 24 someone got bitten by a vampire but didn’t realize it

Oct 23 what do you do if someone dies & their spirit becomes a ghost AND their body became a zombie

Oct 22 a demon that writes (helpful) messages in blood on your mirror

Poison AppleOct 21 poison apple

Oct 20 the spiders

Oct 19 black flame candle

Oct 18 scare yourself

Oct 17 psychotic killer

Oct 16 turning creature           

Oct 15 I’m not saying the kid is a werewolf but he could so Scare yourself quotetotally be a werewolf

Oct 14 now remember, if you hear ominous chanting, the appropriate response is to run

Oct 13 use the first line of a nursery rhyme as the first line of a dark narrative.

Oct 12 “I’ll Kill You” “Darling, I’m already dead”

Oct 11 start with ‘the silence woke her’

Oct 10  the fence around the orphanage is to keep the public safe from the kids

Oct 9 never let the spirits count down through the numbers, it’s not safe

Oct 8 Leif Erikson

Oct 7  it’s just you and whatever human-lizard hybrid the genetics lab discarded here

Oct 6 National Mad Hatter Day / well the best of the best wasn’t available so we went with the best of the mediocre

Oct 5 whatever possessed you to do that should possess you more often 

Oct 4 half her herb garden was for cooking; the other half could kill you

Oct 3 it was a little difficult moving with a straight jacket on but this was hardly the first time he had to 

Oct 2 the monster in the cabinet

Oct 1 International Day of Coffee

Ariels List September by Pacific NW poet Ariel

Sept 30 it was her own lack of control

Sept 29 his hair was still a mess

Sept 28 “a drop of ink may make a million think” Lord Byron quote

Sept 27 outside the cabin, it was a bitterly cold night 

Sept 26  a statue dedicated to you

Sept 25 I measure my life in pages)Hunter S Thompson quote)

Sept 24 write what you wished you had said

Sept 23 I haven’t been human for two hundred years

Sept 22 I’m looking for a place / National Public Lands Day

Sept 21 National Hobbit Day

Sept 20 Omak Washington

Sept 19  your siblings as toddlers 

Sept 18 you stumble upon old home videos

Sept 17 come, you masters of war

Sept 16 the apocalypse started six years ago, nobody noticed 

Sept 15 that is a terrible, horrible, incredibly foolish idea, lets do it

No Day shall erase youSept 14 Phoenix

Sept 13 the story started when the bomb exploded 

Sept 12  it wasn’t the fire that she was afraid of 

Sept 11 “No day shall erase you from the memory of time” (Virgil quote at the 9/11 Twin Towers Memorial.)

Sept 10 a fugitive spirit sprints through a graveyard 

Sept 9 how to follow your dream 

Sept 8 Your dreams follow you

Sept 7 Thank god it’s Friday

Sept 6 the claws of a cat, the purr of his pause

Sept 5 the truck is missing

Sept 4 how clouds move in the sky

Sept 3 the ending of the state fair

Sept 2 give an otter a phone

Sept 1 finished painting

Ariels List of Poetry Prompts August by Pacific NW poet ArielAug 31 conversations between book characters

Aug 30  what kind of noise was that

Aug 29 your Scottish Aunt Tammy

Aug 28  these times are hard but it will pass

Aug 27 the three things he could never tell her

Aug 26  she’s the kind of magic you marry

Aug 25  When someone’s heart breaks, it breaks a piece of our world. This creates fissures, valleys, even cracks in pavement

Aug 24 not until we’re both human again

Aug 23  the sky knew the weight of angel armies on the move

Aug 22 this was perplexing; he never had someone fail to die before 

Aug 21 the cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had

Aug 20  a hitman did not kill you because you were to “change the world”; they’re back to check your progress 

Fishmonger calligraphy (3)
Loved Ones Eyes

Aug 19 describe your loved one’s eyes without using color

Aug 18  stop saying things that make me want to kiss you

Aug 17 an extra hour occurs at midnight but only a handful of people experience it

Aug 16 there used to be six of us; now I’m alone

Aug 15 a villain is just a victim whose story has not been told

Aug 14 on a scale of one to Australia – how dangerous are we talking?

Aug 13 whatever happens, whoever comes knocking – I’ve been here for at least an hour

Aug 12 it’s crazy how one person can make you feel a thousand different ways

Aug 11 stories fairy tales don’t tell 

Englewood Forest Festival
Englewood Forest Festival

Aug 10 I’ve lost count of how many times you have died in front of me

Aug 9 he had a list of things he needed to do; the very first was always “confess”

Aug 8 how much dirt fabric can hold

Aug 7 each living person is assigned the dead to watch over them

Aug 6 that’s the sad thing – you did, once

Ariel's LIst April 2018

Aug 5 you will notice only one of them

Aug 4 a good thought this time

Aug 3 prophecy written in sharpie

Aug 2 I don’t go looking for trouble, but I do enjoy befriending it

Aug 1 I’m either going out for ice cream or to commit a heinous crime

Ariels List JulyJul 31 transparent happiness

Jul 30 an alphabet in the city

Jul 29 scrubbing down the floors

Jul 28 we all boil at different degrees

Jul 27 monsters also fall in love

Jul 26 pro & con

Jul 25 they weren’t counting on the bears

Jul 24 the world’s only hope is Jerry (the comic book cashier)

Jul 23 out of the box

Jul 22 cat tales

Jul 21 the devil still owes me 50 bucks

Jul 20 amusement park

Jul 19 kill the cliche

Jul 18 mystery of pebbles

Jul 17 lost gods make the worst hitchhikers

Jul 16 Versailles

Jul 15 washing the dishes

Jul 14 Hummingwood Farm photo 

Hummingwood FArm
Hummingwood Farm

Jul 13 return to sender

Jul 12 the ghost assigned to watch over you

Jul 11 circle of wood

Jul 10 wing and feathers

Jul 9 genuine

Jul 8 the house has been thoroughly ransacked

Jul 7 space

Jul 6 Go to your nearest book, turn to page 22. Use the second line of the second paragraph

Jul 5 conversations between people who don’t exist

Jul 4 What color are you

Jul 3 “You don’t strike me as a professional criminal.”  “That’s why I’m so good at it

Jul 2 The streets weren’t safe after dawn

Jul 1 I decided to stay here even though you told me not to

Ariels List June  by Pacific NW poet,ArielJun 30  repercussions … Alternatively, there’s a World Beat Festival photo prompt

Jun 29 Write an acrostic poem using your full name and three words that describe

Ankany Valley gold
Ankeny Valley Gold

you—good and bad— for each letter

Jun 28 First memory that you have

Jun 27 Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” — Jane Howard.

Host Deter makes sure to welcome all the artists & poets to Witton ..

Jun 26 Start with “Once upon a time” or “Long ago in a land far away.

Jun 25 What’s in your hand?” “It’s mine. I found it.

Jun 24 Witton Farm photo prompt

Springer Botanical Garden

Jun 23 Springer Botanical Garden photo prompt

Jun 22 only 20 words for the rest of your life

Jun 21 why is there a shoe in the road?

Jun 20 how you handle a rainy day

Jun 19 write hard and clear about what hurts” Hemmingway

Jun 18 favorite childhood book

Diversity Tree
Bush Pasture Park – Diversity Tree

Jun 17 father’s day

Jun 16 Bush Pasture Park photo

Jun 15 self-portrait

Jun 14 ten places never to go

Jun 13 photo uploaded

Jun 12 life in a zoo

Jun 11 rest of your life in a museum

June 10 rest of your life in a library

June 9 wool mill

Jun 8 what trouble can we get into

Jun 7 what pelicans dream of

Jun 3 Gaiety Hollow

Jun 6 lost wednesday

Jun 5 missed appointment

Jun 4 your pet’s perspective

Jun 3 Photo prompt Gaiety Hollow

June 2 Photo prompt kingwood Garden 

June 1 in an emergency

Ariels List of Poetry Prompts May  by Pacific NW poet ,ArielMay 30 en plein air

May 29 rocks & rapids

May 28 in memory

May 27 tying one on

May 26 sleeping in strange places

May 25 taking down art

May 24 you as five objects

May 23 treehugger

May 22 solitaire

May 21 garden gate

May 20 there it was, our island

May 19 bully/ karma

May 18 what animal lives under your skin

May 17 really deserved a good scolding

May 16 blind & stumbling

May 15 trimming the ivy

May 14 love letter

May 13 like a child

May 12 like a mother

May 11 Van Gogh

May 10 May I?

May 9 imposition

May 8 Have A Coke

May 7 how your mouth feels when you say  “I Love You”

May 6  homeland

May 5 join hands

May 4 May the fourth be with you

May 3 lyrics to your favorite song

May 2 red

May 1 groceriesAriel's LIst April 2018

Apr 30 pieces of an earlier poem

Apr 29 Sunday

Apr 28 Saturday

Apr 27 Friday

Apr 26 Thursday

Apr 25 Wednesday

Apr 24 Tuesday

Apr 23 Monday

Apr 22 wild card (your choice)

Apr 21 representing

Apr 20 sestina

Apr 19 rebuild

Apr 18 dead devices

Apr 17 Shared Questions

Apr 16 the weight of metal

Apr 15 double elevenies

Apr 14 Eleven uses

Apr 13 ABC’s

Apr 12 moments before midnight

Apr 11 what knows is this

Apr 10 in Wild …

Apr 9 ostrich

Apr 8 chain

Apr 7 awkward moments

Apr 6 Black Stone

Apr 5 words from a poem

Apr 4 lines of seven

Apr 3 procrustean

Apr 2 collage

Apr 1 start (of 2018 PAD challenges)

Ariels List March
Ariels List March Ariel’s List of Poetry Prompts March 2017.

Mar 31 back-up

Mar 30 hyper

Mar 29 Franklin D Roosevelt

Mar 28 caramel

Mar 27 theater

Mar 26 September 1960

Mar 25 an ashtray

Mar 24 baby sister

Mar 23 last male white rhino

Mar 22 water

Mar 21 World Poetry Day

Mar 20 International Day of Happiness

Mar 19 singing at the vernal equinox

Mar 18 awkward moments

Mar 17 cabbage

March 16 kitchen garden

March 15 Kansas

March 14 Pi Day

March 13 you opened an umbrella indoors

March 12 the tang of rain

March 11 Irish

March 10 banshee

March 9 unplug

March 8 International Women’s Day

March 7 a bank teller

Mar 6 a lone cathedral

Mar 5 “42”

Mar 4 cloudy Mars

Mar 3 animal persona (World Wildlife Day)

Mar 2 Minnesota

Mar 1 World Book Day

Feb 28 red caps

Feb 27 polar bear

Ariel's List february 2018 jpeg
ARiel’s List February

Feb 26 County Cork

Feb 25 dust storm

Feb 24 blind

Feb 23 banana bread

Feb 22 George Washington / birthed today

Feb 21 purple

Feb 20 can of spray paint

Feb 19 Wisconsin

Feb 18 Drink Wine Day

Feb 17 buried on Mars

Feb 16 backyard birds

Feb 15 science

Feb 14 tiger

Feb 13 inside a computer

Feb 12 random kindness

Feb 11 shut-in

Feb 10 along the water

Feb 9 no one eats alone

Feb 8 just before dawn

Feb 7 periodic table

Feb 6 hair color

Feb 5  African heiritage & health

Feb 4  homemade soup

Feb 3 women physicians

Feb 2 Wear Red Day

Feb 1 Black History Month

Ariel's List January pix
Ariel’s List of Prompts- Pinterest January 2018

Jan 31 super moon / State Of The Union

Jan 30 college professor

Jan 29 library shelfie

Jan 28 have fun a work

Jan 27 a handy mechanic

Jan 26 big wig

Jan 25 opposite day

Jan 24 on a tree branch

Jan 23 a shipping pier

Jan 22 blonde brownie

Jan 21 Women’s March /Art Action Day

Jan 20 rebel princess

Jan 19 a happy-go-lucky guy

Jan 18 thesaurus

Jan 17 hot buttered rum

Jan 16 National Nothing Day

Jan 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan 14 Ratification Day

Jan 13 Stephan Foster

Jan 12 that cold place

Jan 11 Spring 2025

Jan 10 save the eagles

Jan 9 overdose

Jan 8 argyle

Jan 7 smell of popcorn

Jan 6 cuddle up

Jan 5 life jacket

Jan 4 without a scalpel

Jan 3 new car smell

Jan 2 60% off coupon

Jan 1 Bloody Mary

Dec 31 you survived, thrived

Ariel's List of Poetry Prompts: December
Ariel’s List of Poetry Prompts: Pinterest December 2017

Dec 30 history

Dec 29 tomato & winter squash

Dec 28 Holy Innocents

Dec 27 chills

Dec 26 thank you note

Dec 25 sound of joy

Dec 24 candy

Dec 23 soul sister

Dec 22 equinox, a day late

Dec 21 silencing the internet, taxation without representation, & proof of aliens

Dec 20 Portland

Dec 19 by the fire

Dec 18 Page 22

Dec 17 chocolate-covered anything 

Dec 16 cold dark snow

Dec 15 lights on the tree

Dec 14 late for being naughty

Dec 13  mother, on her birthday

Dec 12 New York City

Dec 11  Chanukah begins

Dec 10 You are the ghost in your house

Dec 9 drunk & drugged

Dec 8 when no=one’s looking

Dec 7 something red

Dec 6 human rights

Dec 5 last time I saw my father

Dec 4 snowbirds

Dec 3 awareness of awareness

Dec 2 the tenth mnth

Dec 1 faux fur

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