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My PAD prompt is … “black stone

Today’s I’m recycling a PAD prompt from a previous year  – probably originally posted the NaPoWriMo site. It is to write a homage to  Cesar Vallejo’s Black Stone on a White Stone.

You can treat this many ways:

  • Mimic the tone
  • Create an erasure poem
  • Use the poem as a framework – replace the adjectives and nouns
  • Write a poem responding to his, creating a conversation.
  • Use coupling – interspersing his line with your own
  • Use a stanza as an epigraph.
  • Write about your future death; go dark, have fun with it! We all gotta go somehow & your real death may be forgotten in the annals of history; make your poetic death epic! (See one of mine, below)

Black Stone On A White Stone
By César Vallejo
I will die in Paris with a rainstorm,
on a day I already remember,
I will die in Paris—and I don’t shy away—
perhaps on a Thursday, as today is, in autumn.

It will be Thursday, because today, Thursday, as I prose
these lines, I’ve put on my humeri in a bad mood,
and, today like never before, I’ve turned back,
with all of my road, to see myself alone.

César Vallejo has died; they kept hitting him,
everyone, even though he does nothing to them,
they gave it to him hard with a club and hard

also with a rope; witnesses are
the Thursday days and the humerus bones,
the solitude, the rain, the roads. . .

Translated by Rebecca Seiferle


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So today’s prompt is from 2011.

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