In progress. 

A romantic fantasy.  Fai Windkin and the Pacific NW fairy clans – both native and celtic – strive to protect a lake from an ambitious water-scavenging company …and that’s how the human got shrunk!


As Fai drove through the sweeping curves that bordered the Hume-made Detroit Lake, the clamor grew louder and more festive in tone; The activities and excitement were at a fever pitch. Crossing the river, she turned left at the small store/gas-station and started the climb of Highway 28 and cruised past Brietenbush Hot Springs. Along-side the road she saw some elk peering out through the trees, hidden when they heard the growl of the engine.

Near the signs for Lake Washington, she turned off at one of the beginning of innocuous “logging roads” crisscrossing the forested ridged as they ventured deeper and deeper into the unmolested forest.

Cresting on the open pass, she paused for a moment – looking down into a series of mist covered valleys. Here, as she gave a deep sigh, her vehicle’s windows suddenly rolled down or popped open, and her little menagerie of fairy-kin erupted their heads out. Home.

Out of the window popped three of the landvaetter, little tufts of fur that went bounding before her as she started the car again and wound her way down. Entering into the mist, the diffuse sunlight turned mist into soft diffused rainbows everywhere. Here there was, along with the earthy smell of Douglas fir,  a strong sweet scent of jasmine.

This first valley was the valley of the stick tribe – the Nimerigar. She drove the dusty dirt roads through this and through the second.

Here – cresting the third pass, she went between the Standing rocks and their mossy petroglyphs. She slowed down and as she delved deeper, upon the air, the wind brought sounds of tinkling glass and small lilts of flutes – or it may have been voices in song.


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