Ariel, Pacific NW poet

writing confessional and haunting poetry.



I identify myself as a Pacific Northwest poet. I have been writing poetry since 1976- and yes - I have been using the pen-name Ariel all this time! I can often be found writing in the Willamette Valley, in Pacific forests or along the Coastlines on Oregon.

Jun 17 prompt

Let’s start this Monday with poeming! Continue reading “Jun 17 prompt”


Jun 16 prompt

And this brings us to Sunday! Happy Father’s Day to all! Continue reading “Jun 16 prompt”

Jun 15 prompt

Only two more posts to get caught up … Continue reading “Jun 15 prompt”

Jun 14 prompt

Only three more posts to get caught up … Continue reading “Jun 14 prompt”

Jun 13 prompt

Almost caught up … Continue reading “Jun 13 prompt”

Jun 12 prompt

And for Wednesday … Continue reading “Jun 12 prompt”

Jun 11 prompt

And for Tuesday … Continue reading “Jun 11 prompt”

Jun 10 prompt

Halfway there … Continue reading “Jun 10 prompt”

Jun 9 prompt

Catching up … Continue reading “Jun 9 prompt”

Jun 8 prompt

I have been sidelined Continue reading “Jun 8 prompt”

Jun 7 prompt

Started this in Friday’s doctor Continue reading “Jun 7 prompt”

Jun 6 prompt

And talking about the Hound Continue reading “Jun 6 prompt”

Jun 5 prompt

I know I am a couple of days late – but I am still quite Continue reading “Jun 5 prompt”

Jun 4 prompt

If we follow the chain of association. we arrive at … Continue reading “Jun 4 prompt”

Jun 3 prompt

So following from Cassandra to Agamemnon Continue reading “Jun 3 prompt”

Jun 2 prompt

Staying with Roman tales for now. Continue reading “Jun 2 prompt”

Jun 1 prompt

For June I have decided to play with mythic tales – starting Continue reading “Jun 1 prompt”

May 31 prompt

This is late – but Friday – except Continue reading “May 31 prompt”

May 30 prompt

I’m SLIDing all over today – and it’s eating up Continue reading “May 30 prompt”

May 29 prompt and poem

It’s been a busy day – so I am running a Continue reading “May 29 prompt and poem”

May 28 prompt and poem

Back to work … Continue reading “May 28 prompt and poem”

May 27 prompt and poem

Let’s go with my third prompt for  Memorial Day Weekend … Continue reading “May 27 prompt and poem”

May 26 prompt and poem

I think I have the perfect prompt for this Continue reading “May 26 prompt and poem”

May 25 prompt

Today starts Memorial Day Weekend Continue reading “May 25 prompt”

May 24 prompt & poem

Happy Friday – Continue reading “May 24 prompt & poem”

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