Moments Before Midnight: Oregon Poets Write for Ecological, Social, Political, and Economic Justice”

Just released April 26, 2018 by Bob Hill Publishing, LLC Moments Before Midnight

“Moments Before Midnight” a political anthology, is the work of twenty-six Oregon poets responding to the political climate or the changing climate. It represents the individual poets’ feelings however they wished to express their concerns. They represent a wide variety of backgrounds as understanding and honoring the richness of diversity is important in today’s world.
This collection includes three poems by Ariel. Poems included is “containment”, “in a cereal box” and “natural” – all comments and reflections on the current federal administration. “natural” is the poem that cemented Ariel using poetry as activism.

Moments Before Midnight is available at CC Willow Arts for $15 + shipping; copies sold on this Etsy site will include an signed autograph from Ariel.
Poetry is also included from many of Ariel’s local poet friends – Paul Suter, Charles R Castle, Jr., Mike Shuler, Eleanor Berry, J.M.Persanch, C. Steven Blue, Marilyn Johnston, Tiel Ansari, Penina Taesali, and Amalie Rush Hill.
Moments Before Midnight is conceived and compiled by Bob Hill Publishing. Edited and Forward by Amalie Rush Hill. This is rumored to become an ongoing series, with a “call for submission expected soon for Moments Before Midnight II.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) to help that organization’s continuing work of protecting the freedom of those within the borders of the United States.

Publisher Bob Hill Publishing, LLC, Jefferson Oregon
Editor Amalie Rush Hill
ISBN 978-1-943780-20-4
First Printing February 2018
Printed in the United States of America

See samples …

Amalie Rush Hill reading A Choice of Endings in Three Acts
Penina Taesali reads Two Poems

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