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Upcoming Events:

First Wednesday of each month – Salem Art Walk

Salem Art Walk has moved from Final Friday to Firs Wednesdays in downtown is a progressive event that is seeking local emerging artists in and around Salem who are interested in showcasing their talents every month for The Salem Art Walk. Every month has a themed group show and many activities are planned each month, including music.

2019 Paint The Town/Write The Town 

Paint The Town is an summer-long event for area Paint The Town logoartists of all skill levels to meet and create art “en plein air”. The last three years, Artists in Action (AiA) has teamed up with the poets of the Mid-Valley Poetry Society, who join the artists at various sites to “Write the Town!” who compose poetry. AiA  now also teams up with area musicians to offer music at the events.

The mission of this event is to share awareness of AiA and engage the public in the arts. Artists may complete their work on-site that day, but most are completed later in the artists’ studios from sketches developed on-site.

This event is culminated by the annual juried  Paint The Town/Write The Town Art show, now taking place in September. This show is often housed at Elsinore Art Gallery in Salem Oregon.

If you want to help me make art, please become a CC Willow patron on Patreon!

Recent Happenings:

My April SHE project

A women’s community project – the She Project celebrates the universal intimacies women share and our infinite perspectives and responses, to ideas, challenges, provocative words. “She” moves through phrases, leaves space to respond, react, engage.

2019 Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Blossom 2018

Artists in Action(AiA) participates in the annual Cherry Blossom Festival by painting parasols for March’s Cherry Blossom Festival., which are placed throughout Downtown Salem and the Capital Mall buildings. This event runs most of the month and has gotten many venues (art, theater, music) involved in it’s happening.

I created three new parasols this year; adding those to my previous two results in my having five on display this month. Tulips & Cherry Blossoms and Oak Leaves & Cherry Blossoms are displayed at Capital Community  Television. From Oregon Rain & Pretty As a Postcard are are are on display at Salem Multicultural Gallery/World Beat.  And last – but not leas – my Pacific NW-themed Ferns and Oak Leaves is on display in the front window of the new CreativiTEE Studio,

Cherry Blossom Festival parasols by CC Willow

Dec 28, 2018


Salem Art Walk  “Warm & Fuzzy ” Group Show ay Prosm’s Gallery Feaures 5 of my piecees.

I se up  my Salem Art Walk Pop-Up by the Holiday Tree in the Coryard of The Reed Underground.


Dec 5 – 28, 2018 v

2018 was the 16th year that Artists in Action hosted their premier event Something Red, a red-themed art walk throughout Downtown Salem, in partnership with many businesses that select artwork from local Valley artists to display.  I created a new alcohol ink & resin series just for this show; Something Emerging and Something Hidden were displayed at Elsinore Gallery 44 & Something Revealed was displayed at The Art Department

Sept 5 – 31. 2018

The 16th annual Paint The Town Show is again housed at Elsinore Gallery. I have three CC Willow pieces included in this show; an acrylic Gaiety Hills Poppies, and photography  pieces Kingwood Shade and Kingwood Birdhouses. I also have 3 Ariel pieces on display.

Sept 5. 2018

This Wednesday, was the Reception and award ceremony of this year’s Paint The Town / Write The Town series. It was a lovely evening at Elsinore Gallery,. accompanied by the celtic harpist, Tyger Bailey, who joined us at a few of our painting sites.

Jul  27. 2018

Three Pools

Participated in July’s Last Friday Artwalk in the Downtown Salem, Oregon. The monthly theme was percussion and Prism;s Gallery asked may of us artists to work with drums; I created a landscape “Three Pools” on the one given me.

This time I had my pop-up display in the Reed’s Alley; which was a great location as the heat wave broke just a few hours before the Art Walk started.

May 31. 2018

Sunset Hills

Participated in July’s Last Friday Artwalk in the Downtown Salem, Oregon. May’s Artwork was the annual show that highlight’s artwork donated for the Partnerships With Community Living fundraiser Auction … which is where my “Sunset Hills” has found a home.


Apr 3, 2018

I have two pieces hanging for 3 months at the Spinnaker Place building in South Salem – A Ritual to Read to Each Other” & “Wood He Say That Again”. On display until June 30thIMG_20180405_184753

Mar  30. 2018

Participated in March’s Last Friday Artwalk in the Downtown Salem, Oregon. Theme of March’s group show is water & I have three pieces each of art & poetry displayed in the Prism Gallery show.

Pop-up at The Reed Underground.

Mar  7 – 30. 2018

Cherry Blossom 2018Participated again in painting art on parasols for March’s Cherry Blossom Festival with Artists in Action(AiA.). My piece  Cherry Blossoms & Oak Leaves was displayed at Top Drawer in the corner of Court & Liberty. Parasols were on displayed throughout the Festival & March.

Cherry Blossoms & Oak Leaves by CC Willow
2018 parasol displayed at op Drawer

Feb 23, 2018

The Cage is Wicker Not Gold
The Cage is Wicker Not Gold by CC Willow

Salem Art WalkSalem Art Walk’s February theme was “Food”.

Given that Federal’s Administration is making education less accessible and effective, I created “The Cage is Wicker Not Gold” and it was included in the group show (my FaceBook profile is Poet Ariel and that is what SAW tagged it as).

Except for having my art hanging at Dave Wilson, Designer Goldsmith as part of the Salem Art Walk, I did not attend this month’s Art Walk due to health issues.

Feb 7 – Mar 30, 2018

Featured Artist at Dave Wilson, Designer Goldsmith (Salem downtown) during February; extended throughout March.  This show also included several of Ariel’s poems about Salem landmarks.


Jan 26, 2017

Salem Art Walk’s January theme was “Tolerance”. I had not thought I would not be up for this month’s Art Walk – what with having shoulder surgery earlier this month so I, unfortunately, didn’t prepare anything for the group show.

I did, however, set up a Pop-Up display at LOL Play (a children’s apperal store) in the Salem Arts Underground. (Thank you, Diane, for being so welcoming!) I kept it small – being kind to recuperating muscles & bone – but I have recuperated faster than I anticipated and I really enjoyed my artists’ friends welcoming me back!

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The Art Walk was small – with it being a cold, wet winter evening – but much fun was made available. West Photography set up four selfie stations – one being a kissing booth! Parallel worlds had a window mural going on. Berick Arts had attendees joining in on their newest wall mural. Reed Underground had three artists creating pieces en plein air. And their was food & drink ant many stations.

Dec 6 – 31, 2017

Participated in the  Annual Something Red Art Walk; I have been participating in this since 2010. We were only allowed to enter two pieces this year; my “Redhead” is hanging up at the Elsinore Framing and Fine Arts Gallery. And “Tent at World Beat Festival” is hanging up at Capital Community Television (CCTV).

Dec 6, 2017

Attended the Art Show Reception for the 2017 Something Red Art Walk at the Elsinore Gallery. Lovely music by The Arbor Duo (I recorded them this summer during the August Salem Art Walk & posted it to Facebook).

Oct 5 – 8, 2017

Participated in the  Westminister Festival of Fine Arts for the second year in a row. My eight pieces shown includes A Ritual To Read To Each Other, Entrance to Mission Mill, four of my Fallen Leaves collection,   Pacific NW Rain and Wood He Say That Again.

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Oct 5, 2017

Attended the Art Show Reception for Westminister Festival of Fine Arts. Lovely evening of Jazz & Art – and many of my fellow Artists friends were there as well. I hope to share pix of this soon.

Oct 4 – 30, 2017

Participated in Artists in Action’s Paint The Town / Write The Town Show at Elsinore Faming and Fine Arts Gallery. Work shown for the first time include: Bridge at Springer Botanical, Tent at Word Beat Festival and Doan’s Vista.

Oct 4, 2017

Attended the Art Show Reception for Artist’s in Action’s annual Paint The Town / Write The Town Art Show. I hope to share pix of this soon.

Sept 26, 2017

Participating in Salem Art Walk  “13 Skulls” group show at Salem Art Walk.FB_IMG_1506752352037
Wanted to share my skull-in-progress … but Oreo got jealous it was taking her spotlight!

August 26, 2017

Salem Art Walk’s theme was “Film”. the SAW had two locations set up showing videos that were submitted by local videographers. (I didn’t take time to prepare anything for this. )

I went outside for the end-of-summer Art Walk. Martin Goebels’s Antiques Plus hosted me as their featured artist. Along with coastal and Fallen Leaves pieces, I brought some demo items of my accessories available on RedBubble.

(I’m having some tech issues so I will post these pix later this week. When the poltergiest is busy, it “no likee” the computers. )

July 28, 2017

July's Miniature Show
Zentangles in SAW’s Miniature Sho

Salem’s Art Walk did a miniature Group Show for the end of July.  I enetered some of my small framed Zentagles.

CC Willow's gallery wall
My Hive gallery wall.

For July’s Art Walk I shared space in The Hive with two artist friends .

July 1, 2017

My Pacific Northwest Collection is being featured at The TapRoot Lounge, downtown Salem.

June 30, 2017

June’s Art Walk had me scattered – in a good way.

“Roots” Flag

I had my “Roots” Flag in the  SAW Group Show “Let Your Freak Flag Fly”. I featured one of my Ariel poems, Roots in this Alcohol ink & arylic on nylon piece.

My monthly Downtown  display , set to continue through July 2017, was at the popular Taproot Lounge. I pulled my summery Pacific NW Coast collection and hung it up on the wall.

Pacific NW Coast collection

I also had a Pop-Up in the hub-bub in The Hive

Pop-Up in The Hive Underground.

Underground (Salem Arts Building). I often do The Hive on the second floor … but it’s now summer and The Hive Underground is cooler – literally.  And we had many festivitiees going on – face-painting, body paint demos, wall murals, food & wine.

And then Parallel Worlds – who display two of my peices on a regular basis, hung my “Message from The Wanderer” up in their reception area …

Message from The Wanderer
Message from The Wanderer

So here’s a snapshot of June’s Salem Art Walk …

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June 7, 2017

I was planning to be at Venti’s tonight for First Wednesday’s Shenanagins … alas, my body decided it was out of “spoons” for the day.  Still … My art was up! And it looks good against the aged brick.

Venti's Court St in progress (2)

May 30, 2017

Salem Art Walk tonight! Tonight’s theme is Reflecions. I will be debuting my newest collection “Reflections” which are abstracts created with Alcohol ink & resin.

Reflections Collection
Alcohol ink & resin on birch wood panels.
Within alcohol ink & resin on mirror
My creation for the june 2017 PCL Auction!

Partners for Community Action are having a fundraiser June 24th at Eola HIlls and they have been asking the art community for donations. I created. Since I started playing with alcohol inks – I wondered how they would work on a mirrored surface. I loved this piece so much I’m making on just to keep!

I have two locations for tonight. My main location is at Venti’s Cafe and Basement Bar and that is where I’ll be hosting for tonight’s Art Walk. It’s the unofficial start of summer – so I pulled all my beach & summer themed pieces into this show.

Venti's Gallery Wall
CC Willow & Heather Labbe at Venti’s Cafe & Basement Bar – throughput June 2017.

However my artist group, Artists in Action, is participating as a group and we have been placed in a large room in the Salem Arts Building Underground.  nd I grabbed three of my collections for my piece of wall.

AiA Pop-Up 02
CC Willow art in the AiA Pop-Up Gallery. On diplay May 26 – June 7th.

All that art in one space … Couldn’t resist. Had to take some panoramic pix.

AiA Pop-Up 08
North and east walls of May’s AiA Pop-Up.
AiA Pop-Up 07
Souh and west wall of May’s AiA Pop-U

May 3, 2017

Salem has her First WEdnesday’s fun tonight! Since my work is hanging at Create-A-Memory (ceramic and fused art studio) throughout May 2017 – I am planning to be hanging there.

Create-A-Memory show pix 1

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April 28, 2017

Salem Art Walk tonight!. For details see today’s blog18121662_666685146852673_5287217697833574390_o

  • I have watercolors, acrylics & zentangles on display at Create A Memory in Downtown Salem, as well as cards & pendants for sale. My display will  be up through the end of May.
  • My contribution to this month’s art project “It’s a Trap”, featuring Stromtroopers’ helmets, is on displat at Prisms Gallery in The Reed Underground.
  • Two of my pieces “A Message from the Wanderer” & “Playful Dolphins” will be on the red Gallery Wall at Parallel Worlds, also in The Reed Underground.

I may be found this evening at Create A Memory with my easel or sketch book ….

April 19, 2017

Two things I am gearing up for ..

  1. April 28th Salem’s Final Friday Art Walk
  2. Paint The Town, Artist’s in ACtion’s summer-long event starts in May!

April 1, 2017

I aam the featured artst at Prisma Gallery, located Downtown Salemn in the Reed Underground! MAny of my pieces are available there as well as necklaces & cards.

Mar 31, 2017

This Final Friday ArtWalk had me in two locations: The Reed Underground as Prisms

CC Willow at March 31 Art Walk

Gallery April Featured Artist and also up in the Salem Arts Building HIVE.

I stayed mostly at The Reed Underground; the Salem ArtWallk continues to grow this

even and two young musicians joined me at my spot. So while I created Zentangles, I was serenaded by guitar versions of my favorite songs. (“Hallelujah” & “Loved You for  Thousand Years” kept me thinking of My Tiger.)  My phone died – so I could only post a little to CC Willow facebook.  This month I brought along my pendants & cards to sell. FYI they ARE available throughout April at Prisms Gallery in the Reed Opera House Mall. THis month I desplayed four collections – coastal, textural, zentangles & my Redwood Creek.

Up in The Hive, I displayed for fruit still life watercolors up against painted brick. These were all, coincidentlally, painted with QUR Watercolors; I LOVE the intensity that resulted.  (These had to come down at the end of the ArtWalk.

I met two new artists during the event. One was a street artist that was incredible; I

The Reed Underground March 31, 2017

introduced him to Anna (ArtWalk organizer). She got him set up wth some empty walls in The Hive and at the end of the evening I got the happy news that he sold a piece!

Another was a artist just moved to Salem – drawn into the Reed by my musican friends’ music. I handedJeremy  an ArtWalk map,  filled him in some on the Valley’s Art Scene (stressed Artists in Action) and then walked him over to, yep, Anna. We hope Jeremy includes his colored pencil work in the April 28th ArtWalk.

Mar 1, 2017

Salem Oregon has brought back the Cherry Blossom Festival (celebrates our many cherry trees in the Cherry City & our relationship with of Japanese sister city)  this year – and in the past

CC Willow
“Ferns & Cherry Blossoms” parasol in Court Street window of Top Drawer.

month’s the committee has reached out to both the Theater and Art communitities to include special events.

One of them was asking Artists In Action to paint parasols that then were displayed throughout the Capital Mall and Downtown area.  My parasol, waxed paper, was displayed at Top Drawer.

This picture is japanese actually a re-do. I spent all February studing Japanese Brush Painting and had a round Salem landscape of Salem’s landmarks in ink, canopied by Cherry Branches in bloom. Sadly, the morning of Feb. 28th, my finish ruined it. I had less than 24 hours to create something worthy enough for Top Drawer to display. Due to the finish, I was now limited to acrylics. But I still got to play with a Pacific Northwest take of japanese motifs.  I may yet repaint this and get it right this time, just need to find a medium gel that mimics rice paper.

 Jan 27, 2017

Walked into Prisms Gallery on thursday, scouting out venues to display my work and

CC Willow at Jan 27 ArtWalk

found out the Final Friday Salem Art Walks are starting! So the third Salem Art Walk had my work on two walls up in The HIve in the Salem ARts Bldg . Fun experience – but selecting pieces for a art show in only 12 hours is HARD!  Didn’t know what to expect since this was a fledgling event but very happy with it. Got assigned two walls.

January 14, 2017

CC Willow had four pieces entered into the Keizer Art Association’s Pacific Northwest Art Show, hanging throughout January.

  • Boiler Bay watercolor
  • Headwaters of Malhuer River watercolor
  • Nature’s Jewels watercolor
  • Three Brothers Taft Bay watercolor

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December 7, 2016

CC Willow had three artworks entered into the 2016 Something Red Artwalk. Didn’t plan to – but they all featured leaves!

  • Natures Jewels watercolor
  • Tangled Leaves ink &watercolor
  • In The Path photography (sold to private collection).

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Iris at Gaiety Hill watercolor

November 12, 2016

Iris at Gaiety Hill was picked for the back cover art for Write The Town’s 2016 Chapbook (published by Mid-Valley Poetry Society).

October 5, 2016

There are four CC Willow pieces being shown at the 2016 Paint The Town/Write The Town Show – Oct 5 – Oct 29th at the Elsinore Art Gallery in Downtown Salem. Also hanging were two of my Write The Town poems, written under Ariel.

  • Entrance at Mission Mill watercolor
  • Glen at Capitol Manor watercolor
  • Iris at Gaiety Hill watercolor
  • Poppy at Springer Botanical watercolor
  • “mission” poem
  • “the glen” poem

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October 5, 2016

There are eight CC Willow pieces being shown at the Westminister Festival of Fine Arts.

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Sept 20, 2016

CC Willow is currently preparing for  TWO (2) art shows in October.

Participant in the 2016 Westminster Festival of Fine Arts October 6-9, 2016 Salem, Oregon.

One of them the Westminster Festival of Fine Art is a feather in  my cap! They accept ONLY 70 artists and I had to submit in May among with many hopefuls. In July I got the happy news – I am one of the lucky 70! So – except for a brief interval on Saturday Oct 8’s afternoon –  I will be found at Westminster Festival of Fine Arts!

It runs Thurs – Sunday Oct 6 – 9 at the Westminster Presbytarian Church (lovely wooded setting) in south Salem, Oregon.

The second show I am preparing for is Artists in Action‘s 2016 Paint The Town/Write The Town Show, also in Salem Oregon. Exhibit will be Oct 5 – 29 at the Elsinore Framing and Fine Arts Gallery. I plan to submit both paintings and , as Ariel, poetry.

I am not sure yet how many paintings; I was only able to attend 6 events this summer and there are times I just seem to be “forcing” a piece – leaving me unsatisfied with the result. I do have until this Saturday, though, so I am still trying to get a piece “up to par” which will happen when the muses starts to cooperate with me!.

Reception will be the evening of Oct 5  (night before Westminister opens) and I plan to be there.

The Write The Town Poetry Reading, by participating Mid-Valley Poetry Society will be Saturday Oct 8 from 3 – 5 pm at the Elsinore Fine Arts Gallery. Come, drink some apple cider and hear Ariel read!

May 22, 2016

I am adding artwork galleries today. A quick disclaimer: I will be spending at least two days up in Portland this week, away from my home supply of “work” – So I plan to winnow these galleries down WHILE in Portland and accurately label the artworks. Just planning ahead and throwing it all up for now … ~ CC Willow

May 21, 2016

2016 Paint The Town/Write The Town: Event 3 @ Gaiety Hollow  in Salem Oregon – painting and poeming. What a magnificent location this was – both  house and gardens! I took over 300 pictures – I will be able to make several art pieces just from this one visit! I arrived at the start. Good thing, too – while the overcast sky was lovely to photograph and paint with, the rain hit after 3 hours. I so live in Oregon!

My plein air piece I started on was a pretty setting of irises and (my gardening skills are rusty) hostas(?) right at the entrance of the shade house  – lovely, lovely leaf combinations. I started with a watercolor pencil draft in my sketch book. Wanted to get the composition down and to really analyze the values of the natural colors and how they play off each other. After this I started the sketching the composition on 11X15 Strathmore paper.

I wasn’t able to finish this piece on site; while I put up a umbrella over me and my setup when the sky started to sprinkle – it did not stay a mere sprinkle. I and the other artists packed up our work in progress and headed for our indoor studios. I spent the rest of the day working from my reference photos. I crawled into bed about 1 am, fingers still paint stained.