On The Platform, Waiting: A Writer’s Group Anthology

Just released November 27, 2018By the Platform Challenge Writers

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On The Platform, WAiting anthology

“On The Platform, Waiting is an anthology  that explores the theme of journeys – both physical and through life. ”  This anthology of essays, stories, and poems were written by the 24 writers from around the world who met the Fall of 2015 in an author’s platform course “Platform Challenge” and never left. each other after. This anthology is a labor of love and has been its own journey for each of its contributors.

This collection includes two poems by Ariel: “Carbon ” & “Following Fish”.

This volume will be available on Amazon soon. However, it was just released Nov 27th for as a free e-book on SmasPlatchal anthology annoouncementhwords

Platchal anthology back coveAnthology Authors/Contributors:
DMG Byrnes
Sean Callahan

Patrick M. Charron
Nancy J. Clark
Marge Cutter
Karen Doll
Elizabeth Eisenhauer
Hiba Hasan Gardezi
Geralyn Hesslau Magrady
Mona E. Mamoun
Pam S. Manley
Alyssa Mayley
Kat McCormick
Robert Pipkin
Majida Rashid
Charity Rau
A. Marie Silver
Kim Bailey Spradlin
James Stack
Donna Vieth
Traci Nathaniel Walker
Eliza Winkler
Amy Zlatic

DMG Byrnes
Sean Callahan
Nancy J. Clark
Kim Bailey Spradlin
Donna Vieth

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