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Bushes at Cherry Ave watercolor

When I suffering from writer’s block, there are two methods I use to get unblocked. One is using daily prompts, accessed from a variety of sources …

The other is writing a haiku/senryu. The form of using syllables and imagery language kick-starts my brain back into poetry.

Samples below

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Fortune Cookie Treat

fortune cookie says
to treat others as I Treat myself.
Does this mean I should be
critical & unforgiving
with them as well?

My husband laughs!

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Horoscope describes me
as containing the water
of the universe.

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Patiently intent
tiger-wing awaits blossom
shy to blush open.

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Where You Live  – a Chasing Tiger senryu

I know where you live,
it didn’t take me long to find it
once I got the courage.

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Safari Survival

To learn to survive
wild on the savannah, walk
behind a giraffe.

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Eastern Columbia Gorge

Clouds protected land;
freckled hills incapable
of providing shade.

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Ode in Haiku

I’m waiting until
… the last possible second
to leave you. Heat. (hmmmm)

My haiku this morn.
Ode to my bed; blankets left.
Poor abandoned thing.

My feet on the floor
soaking in dawn’s cold prelude;
clothed, not fast enough.

Give me borrowed warmth,
radiated heat to loose
my tightened flesh. (hmmmm)

Trees become shadows,
separated by froze fog;
now softened substance.

Their blankets left them,
fell to earth & decomposed.
Never leave me. Please.

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North Star – Chasing Tiger senryu

Constantly pulling on me
on me; you remain still my
North Star, my fixed point.

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How You Effect Me –Chasing Tiger senryu

A cat keeps purring,
no matter if it is inhaling or exhaling;
a baffling accomplishment.

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Stag in the Aspens

Stiller than the trees,
unworried of my intrude;
he scented no blood.

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Look Deeper

Do not mistake me;
that which is exposed still hides
my roots’ true nature.

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Grizzly – The Waiting Room senryu

Risen from his bath
The giant stops to ponder
Why the fish hide so.

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Aquarian Tiger – Chasing Tiger senryu

You cross the river;
your claws slicing the water
easily, like prey.

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