When I suffering from writers block, there are two methods I use  to get un-blocked. One is using daily prompts, accessed from a variety of sources …

The other is writing a haiku/senryu. The form of using syllables and imagery language kick-starts my brain back into poetry.


Samples below

  • Fortune Cookie Treat
  • Horoscope
  • Tigerwing
  • Where You Live


Fortune Cookie Treat

fortune cookie says
to treat others as I Treat myself.
Does this mean I should be
critical & unforgiving
with them as well?

My husband laughs!


Horoscope describes me
as containing the water
of the universe.


Patiently intent
tiger-wing awaits blossom
shy to blush open.

Where You Live

I know where you live,
it didn’t take me long to find it
once I got the courage.