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A fantasy and a romance – First in the Pacific NW Fairy Series; explores women’s issues.LOTG Cover-page001

Lefan is a modern-day fairy trying to pass undetected in the Pacific NW, while working for the State – this meant losing her wings.  Life is complicated enough – but why did “Leaf” have to fall for a mortal?


How to begin? I guess … Once upon a time. That’s how fairy tales are supposed to start, isn’t it? And this is my tale and I – I’m a fairy. So that part will be accurate.

But it’s not “once upon a time”; no. My story started just a few years ago. 1988 to be exact – or maybe a little before that.

My name is Lefan Bruce-Elder, of the honorable Sidhe lines of Bruce and Elder. It’s a linage to be proud of, I’m sure – though I have never been in the Home Country. My ancestors migrated many, many generations ago here – to the Americas – & then headed west. As far as possible from the Big Folke.

But the Big Folke – they are ones for migrating and pushing and shoving. Not so much the Natives, no; they were willing to share with us and they liked having “spirits’ as neighbors. We got along fine; to each his own.

But the ones from the Old countries? Noisy and pushy and greedy and they have to infest everywhere. They pushed many a creature from its native habitat, building houses and towns – and now housing developments – And they don’t leave a wild place untouched. So many species now extinct – or on the brink.

So that’s what happened to us. The more we tried to outrun the Big Folke who have taken over our sacred places, the faster they followed us. My folk – my blood & our kin – ended up in the mountains near the Cascade and Kalapuya people.  The forest there were rich and thick. And the leylines ran strong. We built palaces in the rock and enjoyed life. But the Big Folke came – and despite the steepness of the mountains, they invaded our land. Unlike the People, these ones razed down grandfather trees. And woe to the magickal creature discovered by these beasts. They cage us, torture us. Dissect us. Kill us. Took our population to the brink.

So now, unable to hide away from “Man”, we hide amongst them. Yes, there are still fairies – but we are a dying breed.

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