In progress.

A semi-autobiographical romance: In the pursuit of independence and casual sex, Cyn falls in love – with the capital L. Wait? Is that a thing? Cyn never believed so – and still doesn’t want to …


I noticed that the one salesperson was busy talking to a customer in the back of the cozy store. They seem to be discussing the advantages of one book over another – a low murmur of voices. That was fine with me, I was only there to see the Opal Creek board and familiarize myself with what had been happening while I had been sick. It was a well-made board; many pictures featuring the old-growth forests, articles from that side to the spare, major players and the roles that they play. Another of my lovers, Rocky – a neophyte politician, had his picture on there. I smiled at the remembrance; I have met Rocky at his fundraising event, I campaigned for him, fucked him, that introduced to Julio, voted for him, and then moved on to Julio and the Opal Creek movement.

Anywho, I was pretty emerged in reviewing the current environmental fight. Julio and I had ended two weeks before and I had gotten a pretty bad bug and had been homebound,  I was out of the loop – I have not made it to any of the new rallies, in fact I’d had not even made it to do store to buy newspapers I had been so sick, had missed so many days of work that I had even lost my job. I was enjoying catching up seeing that there anti-loggers were making progress in saving the specific northwest little jewel.

When I heard the voice behind me “May I help you?” It made me jump little. It was a nice enough voice, a good neutral tenor, but one that did not not endear me right away to the speaker.

Being a sociable sport, I turned around. That was my mistake; my fatal mistake.

For when I turned around I looked straight into eyes as golden and potent as a tiger’s; it was like being pulled into a black hole spinning to stars and nabuli, it was likehaving your souls leave your body and then float there as a observer. Strange this watching from the outside. The pupils inside his hazel eyes expanded; I could tell that he felt something too.