Books currently working on …


Bits of Cyn – Erotic Poetry

Cascades – Poems about America’s Pacific Northwest.

Chasing Tiger  – Unrequited love Poems

House of Breakage – Poverty in America

Living Under 45Poems writting America under the 45th “President”

The Waiting Room – Poems about grief & loss


Everybody Likes Pie – Third in the Pacific NW Fairy Series; explores xenophobia & racism

In Defense of TA Romance. In the pursuit of independence and casual sex, she fell in love. 

Leaf On the Ground – A romanic fantasy. First in the Pacific NW Fairy Series; Lefan tries to pass undetected as a fairy in Oregon – but that means dealing with all the hazards of being a modern woman.

Leaf on the Water – Fai Windkin and the Pacific NW fairy clans – both native and celtic – strive to protect a lake from an ambitious water-scavenging company …and that’s how the human got shrunk!

Stuck Here In The Middle with You – A romantic thriller. A former playgirl who must escape a storm-ridden island after being shipwrecked with various ex-lovers … and the only man she ever loved.

Writing Challenges I’m participating in …

April Poem-A-Day 2018 Challenge AKA AprPAD2018

This  poem-a-day challenge is hosted by Robert Lee Brewer on his Writer’s Digest Blog’ Poetic Asides. 2017 is his 10th year hosting this month-long event.

NaPoWriMo /GloPoWriMo 2018 

National Poetry Writing Month has had so many international poets participate, it is now often called Global Poetry Writing Month. Daily National Poetry Month goodness & daily prompts,

Writing or Art Happenings


On The Platform, Waiting; an anthology

One of my writing groups, PlatChall, decided in the springOn The Platform, Waiting coverto publish an anthology.

It is titled “On The Platform, Waiting” and is nearing completion. It includes some of my poetry.

Moments BeforeMidnight

I have a few poems accapted into a anthology of political poems, exploring and discussing the Age of Trump. News from the editor is that it will head to the printer in February.

I will share information when it does!

Salem Art Walk

Salem Art Walk Final Friday’s in downtown is a new and progressive event that is seeking local emerging artists in and around Salem who are interested in showcasing their talents every final Friday of the month for The Salem Art Walk. Every month has a themed group show and many actvities are planned each month, including music.

2018 Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Blossom 2018

Artists in Action(AiA) is participating again inpainting parasol for March’s Cherry Blossom Festival. This event runs most of the month and has gotten many venues (art, theater, music) involved in it’s happening. The parasaols debut Mar 7 throughout Salem’s Downtown & Capital Mall for First Wednesday and will be on display throughout the month.

2018 National /Global Poetry Writing Month AKA NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo

A 30 day challenge, (April 1 -30) based on National Novel Writing Month – only for this event it is to write a poem every day. And of course it take palce through National Poetry Month AKA April! It expanded beyond the United States years ago and is now a global event.

2018 Paint The Town/Write The Town

Paint The Town / Write The Town is an annual summer event sponsored by Artists in Action (AiA) & partnered with Mid-Willamette Poet Society (WVPA). (I’m a member of both groups!) It will run June though September with about 15 events, with a October Paint The Twon/Write The Town gallery show at Elsinore Gallery as a finale

2018 November Poem-A-Day Challenges AKA NovPAD2018

A 30 day challenge,  running in conjunction with National Novel Writing Month – only for this event it is to write a poem ever day. The goal of this event is to compile this month’s poem’s into a chapbook.