Pardon, Master, I will be correspondent to command And do my spiriting gently ~ Homer’s Ariel, in The Tempest”

A Pacific Northwest poet

A scriber of haunting confessional poetry, whimsies, political irony and a recorder of nature.

Upcoming Events

I will be participating  September 5-28  in 2018’s Paint The Town/Write The Town Show at the Elsinore Gallery & Framing, downtown Salem Oregon. Reception is 5-8 pm on September 5th . Write The Town 2018 Poetry Reading will be the afternoon of  September 8th.

Poetry Memes’s 

A collection of memes I created for Twitter’s !1linewed games. These are also available on my RedBubble products (search “ArielPacNWpoet”) and ShopVida

Moments Before Midnight bookPoetry Collections

My non-poetry can be found at Ariel writes …



Ariel, CC Willow & other Aliases Offering daily prompts for poeming!

Most recent post: August 14 prompt

Poetry Prompts

Archive of daily poetry prompts. Also a place to download a monthly prompt list, llike August’s!


  • Bits of Cyn: Erotic poetry. In Progress.
  • Cascades – Poems about the Pacific Northwest In Progress
  • Chasing Tiger – Poems of the joys and heartbreak of love – both requited and unrequited – In Progress
  • House of Breakage – poems about poverty in America. In Progress.
  • The Waiting Room – Poems of Mourning. In Progress.

Novels & Works In Progress

  • Everybody Likes Pie – When the quirky tourist town of PIe, home of a popular cartoon creator, gets invaded by ultra-conservatives, the beloved Oregon town stops being so beloved and instead becomes a showdown between isolation and diversity. More than gravity waves got skewed here!
  • In Defense of T – A romance: In the pursuit of independence and casual sex, Cyn falls in love – with the capital L. Wait? Is that a thing? Cyn never believed so – and still doesn’t want to …
  • Leaf On the Ground – A romantic fantasy. Lefan is a modern-day fairy trying to pass undetected in the Pacific NW, while working for the State – this meant losing her wings. Life is complicated enough – but why did she have to fall for a mortal?
  • Leaf on the Water – Fai Windkin and the Pacific NW fairy clans – both native and celtic – strive to protect a lake from an ambitious water-scavenging company …and that’s how the human got shrunk!
  • Stuck Here In The Middle with You – A romance/thriller. A former playgirl who must escape a storm-ridden island after being shipwrecked with various ex-lovers … and the only man she ever loved.

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If you wish to be a Patron of Arts – you can sign up here on my Patreon account. I am looking for Patrons to assist me in my chapbooks, seasonal Poem-A-Day Challenges and Poetry projects.

My Alter Ego

Participant in October’s 2017 Westminister Festival of Fine Arts.

Updated Jan 27th

My alter ego, Pacific NW artist CC Willow

Ariel Painting

Most of the art and photographs on this site is my own CC Willow pieces.

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During May, I am the featured artist at TapRoot Lounge, on State Street in downtown Salem.
Many of my pieces are on display last Friday of each month at Final Friday ArtWalk.

I have sample art gallery here along with links to my work and online Etsy store.

Upcoming Art Shows:

  • Apr 3 – June 30, 2018 Spinnaker Art Hanging at Spinnaker Landing,  in south Salem, Oregon near the airport.
  • May 25, 2018 Last Friday Artwalk in the Downtown Salem, Oregon. ” featuring art for the June ‘Parnerships for Community Living Fundraiser. 
  • June 29, 2018 Last Friday Artwalk in the Downtown Salem, Oregon.  Repercussions” group show.
  • June 29 – 31, 2018 AiA booth at the World Beat Festival,  Downtown Salem, Oregon.
  • July 27, 2018 Last Friday Artwalk in the Downtown Salem, Oregon.