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January 2018

Jan 17 prompt

Today’s prompt is another teasty cold-weather one; it is “hot buttered rum” ,

Here’s a recipe …


Jan 16 prompt

Grabbed another National Day for today’s prompt & it is “National Nothing Day” ,

A day just to sit without celebrating, observing or honoring anything. How will you interpret this for a poem? Will it be an ode to “nothing”, an ode to simplicity (“Tis a Gift to be Simple”). Perhaps a poem about solitude? (“The Sound of Silence“?) A persona poem about being a hermit? Maybe a poem about someone who – in myriad ways-  does “nothing” for you. Or perhaps a letter to a neglectful person.

Maybe it was you – you needed to do something and – due to circumstances – you ended up doing nothing. This is a chance to explain yourself – what obstacles were too much, were too daunting? You are only human, you know – it’s okay to be vulnerable … at least in poetry.

Perhaps it’s a poem about tossing away you to-do list

I’m late in posting (Sorry!) – I suppose that’s a form of doing nothing earlier. Personally -I am sick of “doing nothing” – this invalid period has been about a month now. Yuck. I’m ready to do something – ANYTHING! That too can be a poem today – climbing mountains, hiking the Pacific Trail, falling in love, bathing in the seas, birthing nations …. doing laundry. Right now they all seem admirable adventures..

I will follow where the poem takes me!

I hope you do too! Feel free to share it with me.

Speaking about To-Do lists – I am notorious for creating those and having them run on and on.

I found an article last night about using a To-Be list instead.  In reading it, I see it was a good compliment to a Leadership course I took in 2015, consciosly taking steps to create WHO you want to be. This concept may have been around a while – even Oprah has an article about it.

So I’m going to be trying this  I’ve been feelng defeated lately – with my body not allowing me to accomplish most – if any- of my to-do list. By focusing instead on “being” (optimistic, humorous, hopeful, porductive) – maybe I can spot some accomplishment/progress that way – looking more at the end result than the actual steps.

Here goes nothing! <glasses clink>


Jan 15 prompt

Today’s prompt is an expected one – because I think it is a reminder of how needed basic human rights is; it is”Martin Luther King Day ”

I’m a strong propoent of diversity and equity. And as a vocal advocate of both, king has been one of my heroes. I have written several poems about him and to him – both hopeful and defeated.

I think his words are greatly needed now – to push back upon the resurgance of ignorance and bigotry. I truly hope that we will not allow he worst among us to define us. I look forward to the day that America returns back towards sanity and dignity.  I honestly thought it would have happened by now – instead we still are slidding into some Gileadian third-world country.

Perhaps it hasn’t been repelled yet because we are fighting too many battles on too many fronts. The Trumpian forcees are set to tear down anyhing of value.

I know I feel too embatled to fight every fight these days. It’s a literal struggle just to eat each day, to scrape for what I need just for that day. and my strength is depleted, inadequate for the big battles – those that define us as a society. I’m asahmed of this –

And when I think of how my fall was engieered – i get bitter. Hardened

But then I remember I am a daughter of literal kings. I have the blood of The Bruce and The Wallace flowing through my veins.I am a daughter of literal heros. And isn’ hat what the world needs right now?

So – I willl use today to re-commit tto Peace, to hat ideal society I believe we can become. That great Heaven on Earth when we reat each other truly as Brothers and Sisters – for we are onestly only one race – the human race.  I aspire to the bravery of those great souls that risked themselves to protect others from harm – the Ten Booms and the Schindlers. Rosa Park and Hariett Tubman.

Today I won’t be beaten, I won’t be defeated.


Jan 14 prompt

Today’s prompt is “Ratification Day”.

I got this  Ratification Day from the National Day Calender site. I’m not sure I have heard of this anniversary before & I love themes that look back on history and make a modern comment on them.

It has been 234 years since the Treaty of Paris was signed, declaring declaring the “Cessation of Arms” between the new United States & Great Britain. An excerpt from the proclamation of ratification reads:

“By the United States in Congress assembled, a proclamation: Whereas definitive articles of peace and friendship, between the United States of America and His Britannic Majesty, were concluded and signed at Paris, on the 3rd day of September 1783 … we have thought proper by these presents, to notify the premises to all the good citizens of these United States …
Given under the seal of the United States, witness His Excellency Thomas Mifflin, our president, at Annapolis, this fourteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-four … ” ~Definitive Articles of the Peace of Paris – Signed by representatives of Britain and The United States on September 3, 1783.

Jan 13 prompt

Lae … but still alive!

Today’s prompt is “Stephan Foster, father of American music”.

Who is Stephan Foster? He’s the  father of American music.

Jan 11 & 12 prompt

I’m combining two here as I waas too sick to post Jan 11 prompt – which I really was excited about onncluding. But I’m kinda vertical right now & it is still technically the 11th – so  thursday’s prompt is – WAS – looking forward a bit … “Spring 2025”

What do you think it will be like? What will you be doing? What will your world look like? It’s only seven years away – alot can happen in so short a time.

And the Prompt for Jan 12 was a little forcasting … it is “that cold place”

Of course, it would be easy to combine these two prompts … a little doomsday portens perhaps – given our current world leaders.

… But that could beMY cold bones talking. (Still pretty sick.)

On a positive note. some videos I’m watching tonight has reminded me that our Earth has gone hrough rapid changes and truamas and it is still turning. Life does survive even when it is forced to change form.


Jan 10 prompt

Today’s prompt is ” save the eagles” ….

from? Drones, electric wires. Cruel photshop users who put Donthe Con’s toupee on their picture? What do you want to save the eagles from?


Write it.

Jan 9 prompt

Today’s is inspired by true experience …”too much pain killer”.

Eff oxycodone.

Go. Write.

Jan 8 prompt

I love writing poetry; I especially like weaving layers of meaning into poetry … which makees today’s prompt especially fun for me!Today I offer Continue reading “Jan 8 prompt”

Jan 7 prompt

I’m going to go sensual today – as in urging you to explore the senses. Today’s prompt is Continue reading “Jan 7 prompt”

Jan 6 prompt

Yesterday’s prompt was an object – let’s go more human today. So I have chosen Continue reading “Jan 6 prompt”

Jan 5 prompt

Today’s prompt is “life jacket”.

Whether you use this motif as Continue reading “Jan 5 prompt”

January 4 prompt

I go under the knife today – shoulder surgey is early, early Thursday (my ride picks me up at zero dark thirty). So the next few days my posts will be completely automated.

Which inspires today’s Continue reading “January 4 prompt”

January 3 prompt

Today’s prompt is “new car smell”.


January 1 prompt

Let’s start out the year unconventially … I had many New-Year-ish contenders but the winner is … Continue reading “January 1 prompt”

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