Today may be a day of fantasizing … Or maybe it’s just  because I really need a handyman that will work for sexual favors!

Either way, today’s prompt is “a handy mechanic”.

Are you a handy mechanic? Or maybe you just want to write an ode to your favorite one.

As for me – I’m leaning toward making today’s writing a Bit of Cyn …

I’m doing this post in stages today; gremlins ae having some  sleep-over thingie in all devices. 😦

I have been spending quite a bit of time this week fleshing out & revising my novel “Leaf On The Ground”. The first of my collection of modern Pacific Northwest faires.  It has been delightful!

I am also trying, yet again, to get a chapbook finally assembled and ready for printing. It is hard – because I want to put them ALL in. Last night, at the Salem Art Walk, I was yet reminded that my readers really want to take home a book with my name on it!

And … I notice it is time to compile February’s prompts!