I do community theater, so I often have had to wear a wig. I was in a melodrama a few years back, where we pocked fun at this theater convention … everytime I came on stage I had a different wig on. One was Marge-Simpson BIG!

However – being the free-spirited pixy I am – I will also wear wigs for the day to – because it fits my mood for the day,or because I want long hair (or short) for running about town – or perhaps because my roots have become too noticable.

Today’s prompt is “big wig”

Tell me your wig experiences & memories! Or perhaps it is a Bigwig you wish to write about? Or BIGwig – that loyal rabbit in Watership Down?

Write it!

Then share it with me. :))

I attended Salem Poetry Project Last night, especially since the featured poet was Amalie Hill … who happens to be the editor of an Anthology I am participating in.

It was wonderful hearing her pieces & I shared three of mine at he open mic portion :

  • fissurees
  • Checklist: 50
  • letter to the world.

The Bob Hill anthology is “Moment Before Midnight” and exlores 2017 politics. It is almost to print & there is a Salem Poetry Project reading of the book scheduled in April (National/Global Poetry Month).

On another note – As CC Willow I have another Salem Art Walk (SAW) this early evening. YOu can find me in the Salem Arts Bdlg Undergroung, in LOL Play! S

AW Committee meeting was yesterday, and we have some fun planned for today – including a selfie photo-booth! (Part of the reason this prompt is late- back to back appointments yesterday. It was a 14 hour work