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July 2018

July 13 prompt

Yes, still Pixy-less … Yet another scaled -down post. Keep in mind, since I can’t access my prompt list on Pixy, these mobile prompt are purely impromptu.

Friday, July 13th’s prompt is “return to sender”.

Inspired by a discovery this morning … I discovered I accidently brought home someone’s lost phone. They left it behind; it got geyhered up with my devices and sundries. Then realuzed this morning I had TWO phones. Time ensued this morning sleuthing out whose it was and where I picked it up from … but it’s human is now on her way & should be here soon to collect it. 😊


July 12 prompt

UPDATE: Found this in my draft folder. Hate when stuff doesn’t post….

Pixy still infirmed so going mobile.

Getting tired of my mobile phone swapping out my words, ‘tho. (Pixy is NOT


‘Pony, idjit!) One of the reasons it’s nickname is Bitch.

Thursday, July 12 prompt is “the ghost assigned to watch over you.

Jul 11 prompt

UPDATE: Found this in my draft folder. Hate when stuff doesn’t post….

Going mobile again.

Wednesday, July 11th prompt is


“circle of wood”.

My inspiration piece is the asian-inspired display shelves but I have always been drawn to wood shaped in a ring.

Last December, an artist friend of mine created 50 rings and a display case as his submission to the annual Something Red Art Walk; very meticulous precise work and they were stunning!

I am now the “proud owner” of 20 log rounds (sadly, two trees had to come down) and have been prowling Pinterest for what to do with them – other than turn them into firewood. Found some cool ideas that display and play with the roundness of the wood trunks …

Like one that turns them into path lamps. Very cool … and leaves my mind to muse interesting paths. There is a quote ” A wound is where the light enters” – what if wounds are where the light escapes? Or the trees souls leak from? What if it is the portal to another dimension? What if?

There was that X-Files episode where cutting down trees unleashed a swarm of phosphorescent mites.

Than there is barrels, woodfashioned into circles and used to age all kinds of yummy alcohol. Or transport water. Fairy rings of trees where picked dance and work magic …

I could go on all day …

What does “circle of wood” inspire for you?

I am hoping to attempt another troubleshooting sesh with my Post, see if I can revive her. And FINISH backing up files when I do. Looks like that will be a daily thing now until I can take her to a PC doc.

Have a great day poeming!

Jul 10 prompt

Pixy, my laptop, won’t boot up yesterday & today. And I’m scattered today to troubleshoot it. So let’s go mobile!

Of course,

Continue reading “Jul 10 prompt”

Jul 9rompts & poem

Yay, ‘puter is still behavin’ … so let’s do this!

Monday, July 9 prompt is “genuine”.  

Write about a genuine moment.

Or get genuine with me.

Perhaps tell me about something that’s genuine in a world that seems fake.

And a “Genuine” poem…

So it has come to this





Jul 7 & 8 prompts & poem

Friday, the gremlins not only took possession of my e-devices … they even managed to assail my son’s car as well. We hope a car wizard can repel and expel them tomorrow.

Fridays shenanigans had me down for Continue reading “Jul 7 & 8 prompts & poem”

Jul 6 prompt

Another day of non-stop obstacles and detours … And it looks like I won’t be able to make any poetry or poetry writing gatherings this weekend.

But let’s play anyways … Continue reading “Jul 6 prompt”

Jul 5 prompt

This is gonna down and dirty at first because I am running late this morning. I’ll flesh it out when I get to my next stop w/ WIFI.

Thursday’s July 5 prompt is “conversations between people who don’t exist?”





Jul 4 prompt & poem

Today is Independence Day here in the US of A; Enjoy and celebrate it if you are of the mind. I just can’t bring myself to – too many civil rights and human rights being removed daily Continue reading “Jul 4 prompt & poem”

Jul 3 prompts

Monday has been a real bitch – so let’s add a bit of whimsey/

Tuesday’s Jul 3  prompt was “You don’t strike me as a professional criminal.’  ‘That’s why I’m so good at it …”

Perhaps you are the elusive cat burglar. Or maybe you are the super villain that disabled gravity.

Or perhaps the hero that caught the scoundrel.  Or maybe you are his/her babysitter.

Have fun with it …

I wanted to add a dark-humor poem – but my MS Word isnt ooperating.

Perhaps tomorrow in the morning ….


Jul 1 & 2 prompts

I had hoped things would settle down this week, after the last week’s events … but as soon as I try to catch my breath, there’s still a few curve balls.  Still, I’m tenacious – Let’s forge ahead! Continue reading “Jul 1 & 2 prompts”

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