Today is Independence Day here in the US of A; Enjoy and celebrate it if you are of the mind. I just can’t bring myself to – too many civil rights and human rights being removed daily as our current administration rapidly tweets and EO’s us into a fascist “Republic”  – instead of the Democratic Republic our Constitution set us up to be.  Especially as our Nation of Immigrants keeps overwriting any immigration these days as criminal – to distract from actual criminal activity happening in the White House. (And no – they are NOT good at it!)

I will spend my time doing what any Patriot should on a day like today – resisting the threats to freedom!

Prompt … prompt, prompt, prompt?

Wednesday’s July 4 prompt is “What color are you?” I use this prompt at least once a year; every time the poem comes out completely different.

You can use this in many ways: your favorite color, your mood color, your aura, your skin color, the color of your soul, the color of your identified gender (what gender would green symbolize?) …

Perhaps choose a color and write a persona poem for it. Have it write a love poem. Heck – do the whole rainbow; have the colors talk to each other.

Write a persona poem about someone in your life – make them a color … or a flavor.

Do an acrostic – a poem about yourself or another (but have it spell out a color instead of the name.

Maybe take your country’s Colors and have them tell your country’s story (which is the direction I am heading).

My sample poem today? “Translation …


Well, A little progress … new phone! Maybe the battery will recharge on this one. So far, I’m happy with it but still busying installing all my apps and tools.