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writing confessional and haunting poetry.


May 2019

May 30 prompt

I’m SLIDing all over today – and it’s eating up Continue reading “May 30 prompt”

May 29 prompt and poem

It’s been a busy day – so I am running a Continue reading “May 29 prompt and poem”

May 28 prompt and poem

Back to work … Continue reading “May 28 prompt and poem”

May 27 prompt and poem

Let’s go with my third prompt for  Memorial Day Weekend … Continue reading “May 27 prompt and poem”

May 26 prompt and poem

I think I have the perfect prompt for this Continue reading “May 26 prompt and poem”

May 25 prompt

Today starts Memorial Day Weekend Continue reading “May 25 prompt”

May 24 prompt & poem

Happy Friday – Continue reading “May 24 prompt & poem”

May 23 prompt and pix

Still having issues. This is new

Continue reading “May 23 prompt and pix”

May 22 prompt

Can’t get my laptop screen to work … Continue reading “May 22 prompt”

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