Back to work … well, work-work. (Because this long weekend was work of different varieties). Being a long weekend – maybe you, too, had a “working weekend” at home.

Today’s prompt – “unda – wave, sea, river, spring, water” – I’m really loving the sound of this!

And if you’ve followed me for a while, you would suspect I am a water-creature. Yes – water has always drawn me to it and I love using its imagery & metaphors in my writing.

I have posted many of my poem using water motifs already (Adrift, Ariel’s Birthday, Blend with the Beat, Checklist 50, Difficult I, Green Rain on White Rain, Nature Waits, Ocean Storm, Tide I, Water & Wind, Water-Based, Water, erotic Way of Water , etc.)

– so today’s sample for an unda poem is my haiku “Mountain Stream“…

Mountain Stream by Ariel

(It truly was the best water I ever tasted! Filled up our jugs and took it back to camp.)

Yesterday was a busy day doing chores and yard-cleaning. Some of Son’s friends came over and “The Jungle” is mostly tamed into a grassy yard with trees. Some casualties – Two heirloom plants were razed, mistaken as part of blackberry thicket. They used to be my Grandmother’s – so I am hoping the cuttings I quickly planted y’day will root.

I had to cede some control in order to get the assistance though. Some trees got limbs removed that I really wanted to keep – such as the filbert tree – my “Outdoor room” “walled off”  from the sun now has the east exposed and open. It was a favorite summer refuge as the heavy leaf layers held in the cool air and we had a great conversation area and dining area in that shade. But once removed, the branch cannot be reattached – so I am trying not to mourn too much.  My holly – not in the back yard – also received a bit of an unwanted trim. As did my Asian Plum tree – also not in the back yard.

But “The City” already came out on my back yard a week ago – and if this “headstrong” assistance keeps me from receiving a hefty fine from The City” – So be it. I’ll adapt. As will my yard. And one volunteer has already returned this morning and is hard at work. As for me – weak as I have been – I assisted by putting yard debris into the bin. Which is now packed. So I have to figure out what to do with the rest of the debris … or risk a different fine. Ah – the joys of being an adult! /snark

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