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Moments Before Midnight: Oregon Poets Write for ..a political poetry anthology from Bob Hill Publishing LLC

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House of Breakage

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Widow's HadbookA Widow’s Handbook

Released Feb 14,  2014 by Jacqueline Lapidus (Editor),‎ Lise Menn (Editor),‎ Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Foreword)

The Widows’ Handbook is the first anthology of poems by contemporary widows, many of whom have written their way out of solitude and despair, distilling their strongest feelings into poetry or memoir. This stirring collection celebrates the strategies widows learn and the resources they muster to deal with people, living space, possessions, social life, and especially themselves, once shock has turned to the realization that nothing will ever be the same. As Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says in her foreword, losing one’s partner is “a loss like no other.” The Widows’ Handbook is a collection of poetry from 87 American women of all ages, legally married or not, straight and gay, whose partners or spouses have died.

Gold Man Review Issue 1Gold Man Review Issue 1

By Heather Cuthbertson (Editor),‎ Nicklas Roetto  (Editor),‎ Marilyn Ebbs (Editor)

Gold Man Review Issue 1 is a collection of color photography, poetry, interviews, short fiction, and nonfiction from authors, poets, and artists out of Salem and the Greater Salem, Oregon areas.



Moments Before MidnightMoments Before Midnight 


Just released April 26, 2018

Bob Hill Publishing, LLC is pleased to present Moments Before Midnight: Oregon Poets Write for Ecological, Social, Political and Economic Justice. This anthology contains the work of twenty-six Oregon poets responding to political and global climate changes – including 3 poems by Ariel.

Available at CC Willow Arts on Etsy, All net proceeds will be donated to the ACLU,

On The Platform, WAiting anthology

On The Platform, Waiting

Pending publication.

Anthology of fiction and poetry upon the theme of travel.