Spent yesterday rebuilding both computers. I am hoping, when I get an influx of income, to replace both; they are now quite old. But for now, they’re rather like maintaining a Harley – requiring constant upkeep. … (sigh) And I am still having issues.  So today’s post will take a little while to build.

For Tuesday’s Dec 18 prompt,  I went with Native American Flute from my facebook friend, Jan Michael Looking Wolf.  I listened to “Sacred Wind” which features him performing at Salem’s nearby Riverfront Park, with the Willamette River as a background to the sweeping melody. So let the music itself speak to you for this prompt .

I was thrilled last summer to finally have a chance to meet him in person at the World Beat Festival; wish I had brought my flute that day But I was there as artist CC Willow and had my paints instead. I love listening to him play. And one day I hope to afford to take one of his flute courses at the University.  Meanwhile – I watch his fingerings and try to emulate it on my own Native American Flute; it allows me to connect with my own Cherokee roots.

Let’s see … what genre shall we do today? How about we go through some of my vinyls and go with Cat Stevens “Cats in the Cradle. And I’m going with the line “little boy blue and the man in the moon” for today’s prompt (I copied the lyrics from LyricsFreak.)

Somehow, every time I hear the song, my mind translates this line to “little boy grew to the man in the moon”. That may just be the opening line of todays’ poem.

And – because you’ll need the lyrics ((I copied the lyrics from LyricsFreak.)  …

Cats in the Cradle lyrics

I have always loved the longing and lesson in this song, even more so when I became the mother of a young boy.  So, of course, I have used it as a prompt many times in stages of my life. … One of the first was “Blend With the Beat.

Blend With the Beat by Ariel





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