Happy Kwanzaa! It’s the second day

I think I’m past all the difficult days of December … Let’s get caught up, shall we?

Dec 22  Saturdays are typically “home” days and I get introspective and creative. Which meant listening to Foreigner’s  Until The End of TimeSaturday’s prompt was “Time had a way of making me see”; what has time made you see? Lyrics are here on AZLyrics

Dec 23  I needed an upbeat tune that day  – because of all the anniversaries of December, this was the worst. To fight any temptation of suicidal thoughts,  I went with Upside Down by Jack Johnson – the music makes my body want to move & dance. And the lyrics!  And I plucked the line ‘Things aren’t always just what they seem” as  Sunday’s prompt. (I also headed to Prism Gallery with a dear friend and started the Community Art Project for Friday – Yarn Bombing on my bike. Music, art, friend, color, even time with a sweet toddler – all wonderful benefits of continued life!)

Dec 24 Christmas Eve – I went with the instrumental Christmas Canon by Trans-Siberian Orchestra for my prompt. Reminds me that the holiday doesn’t need words or material things to be a celebration. I spent that peaceful evening hosting a BBQ Rib Dinner with the men in my life – my son and my two brothers. it was a very companionable, evening, accompanied with music by Manheim Steamroller & Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Dec 25 Christmas Day! And my Dad’s Birthday. Dad was born an Okie and grew up with Folk Music – the kind that populates the movie “O’ Brother Where Art Thou”; in fact I recall him singing along with all the songs when I treated the ‘rents to the movie. so Let’s go with one of his Favorite’s “Big Rock Candy Mountain” by Harry McClintock.  You can find the lyrics here on AllTheLyrics. Let’s play with the first line “one evening as the sun 

Is this Love lyrics

went down” for our Dec 25th


Dec 26 First Day of Kwanzaa! That calls for Matunda Ya Kwanzaa by Beth & Scott Bierko . Lyrics are hereAnd our Wednesday prompt was “seven letters – seven truths”.

Dec 27 Today my mind is obsessing again – so I am going with Bob Marley’s Is This Love”. and the line “so I throw my cards on your table” as today’s prompt.  If you want to play with the lyrics, they are here . !!! right arow


I must admit “is this love” is a frequent question I ask. This really feels like a “Chasing Tiger” song to me, Lord knows I leave enough”cards” AKA love tokens on my beloved’s table. 



On the 21st I shared the poem “Why Stars Exist”; It kept playing with my head while listening to Foreigner on Saturday. I finally realized that Ariel was talking to CC Willow; I pulled the cover off my sketch pad and pulled out my various painting mediums. Which resulted in this  …

Why Stars Exist by Ariel

Why Stars Exist by CC Willow















I will try again to get ahead of the day’s prompts by posting the evening before. So … see you in a few hours?

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