Still having issues. This is new

laptop ( not even named yet), so still under warranty. Time to have the Geek Squad look at it it.

So posting from the phone again.

Today’s prompt is “quercus – Oak, Oak-tree, garland of oak leaves”. (Yes <blush> I keep latin on my phone)

Oakholme at Boxwood Cottage

I have a strange affinity to oak trees – especially the white oaks of the Pscific Northwest – amd they are populating more and more of my poems.

And my yard. I picked up a treeling a year ago and Oakholme is tucked into my front lawn, getting pampered and nutured. He has doubled his height now, almost as tall as I am (which is still short).

I really look more towards the future with him here; the future being centuries and not just decades. So you can probably guess the main thrust of my White Oak poems … conservation, stewardship of the land, roots, water.

Let’s see if I can beef up this phone post before I have to get my lungs x-rayed.

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