Happy Tuesday. Let’s have a little fun with today, shall we?

Tuesday’s July 24 prompt is “the world’s only hope is Jerry (the comic book cashier)”

I have an older brother who would collect comic books, so I have spent my fair share of time in many of them. His favorite was one called Rackafratz Comics on Commercial, halfway between home & downtown. (That space has been many things since – but mostly a succession of vape shops.)

Every surface was covered with rows of long boxes of colored archives and smelled of old pages – despite each offered issue being encased in a plastic sleeve. Keith would buy two copies of his treasured passions, one for reading, one – untouched) into his collection. He favored the Marvel offerings, Doctor Strange, Fantastic Four, all the various Spiderman titles, X-men & all their off-shoot heroes.

The X-men were my favorite – with the mutants who were “just born that way”. There’s times I feel like a mutant myself – what with my SLIDing tendencies – so you can see why I relate well to them. And Russian farm-boy, Piotr/Colossus, has long been my comic-book crush (how awesome he’s in the Deadpool movies!). Which means, yes, Kitty & Piotr is one of my favorite love stories (I thought it was karmic when she took the name of “Ariel” as well).

Anywho, Keith would spend a long time talking to the store’s owner – I forget his name now (perhaps it WAS Jerry). It was like they would talk an entirely hidden language, something hidden between the common every-day syllables so that they meant something coded …

I think this is my starting point.

Where is yours? How will you play with this prompt?

Naturally, being around comic books for so long, occasionally a poem would work it’s way around one. This is one I wrote, as a teenager, from Kity Pryde’s point of view during one of their frequent break-ups …


Speaking of Kitty Pryde & Piotr – a friend of mine who owns a comic store told me the X-men issue out features Their Wedding (Woot woot!) … Dude, I gotta get that issue! Purely for reading.

ANd … now it seems my laptop needs life-saving surgery today! I could use Kitty’s computer skills today …

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You know I’m all about the prompts!


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