Okay … let’s do this. I think of have my stuff prepped.

Wednesday, July 17th’s prompt is from the list … “mystery of pebbles”. …

It’s from my July list and is one I am actually recycling again, because … I’m so happy where it took me the first time I used it (my poem Pockets)

Now you can go however you like with it. Muse on stones. Focus on the mystery part of it. Maybe reflect back on the Flintstone cartoons and wonder about Pebbles and Bam-Bam.

Perhaps there is a particular set of pebbles hat leave you wondering. Last night, on walking home, I look over my shoulder and noticed a very tall, pebble-textured tower rising above Trader Joe’s & Petco. How long has that been there? Can’t be a skyscraper – there are no windows; what the heck is it? Far too wide to be a cell tower. The neighborhood social network hasn’t mentioned it.  I may have to do like the Scooby Gang and do some investigating.

And here is “Pockets” – from the first go-around with this prompt. It led me to create this subtle bit of erotica.


Yes – i’m all about the prompts!

And now that my Pixy is back operational, I can get back to formatting my Bits of Cyn poetry book.

But first … I have a cupping appointment I need to leave for.