Friday, the gremlins not only took possession of my e-devices … they even managed to assail my son’s car as well. We hope a car wizard can repel and expel them tomorrow.

Fridays shenanigans had me down for the count Saturday; my touch was pretty toxic to my devices so I didn’t even dare to pick them up. It was reminiscent of a traumatic day in 2013, when my touching electronic devices caused them to send out blue sparks! I just tool two xanex and tried unsuccessfully to chill.  … Today is better. I have been unleashing spell after spell on my devices to repel & expel the beasties from my ‘puters and phone. And Hallelujah! I’ve got MS Word and internet & WordPress! Tenacity paid off.

Saturday’s July 7 prompt was to be a Write the Town photo prompt from Misner Farm in Crabtree Oregon … but no car, no trip to Crabtree. So the alternative Jul 7 prompt will be “space” (…the final frontier?)

And today, Sunday, July 8 prompt is “the house has been thoroughly ransacked”.  

How did it get that way? Who did it? (If it was my house, the correct answer would be gremlins.) Why  (Who knows; those bitches don’t seem to need one. They were probably bored.)  Tell the story. Or the aftermath.


Hmmm … Sample of a space poem …

Let me share an “oldie”. I have done community theater since High school & one of my methods for getting to understand the psyche of my characters has been to write a “name poem” for them. In college, in a vignette, I did a humorous monologue early astronomer, Maria Mitchell wrote about her brief interim in ‘courting”. … Here’s my take on her.

Maria Mitchell

If you write a space or ransacked poem you especially like, feel free to post it in the comments. I would love to read some of your work!

My goal is to post Monday’s prompt this evening; the computer is working smoothly and I want to get it done before the horde wakes up during the night …

My archive of poetry prompts is here.

You know I’m all about the prompts!


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