Sunday … which means it’s gardening & domestics day; heatwave returns today … so probably just domestics.

Today’s prompt is domestics-inspired – “scrubbing down the floors”.

Could just be a spring-cleaning day. Or maybe something incriminating needs to be scrubbed clean.  Maybe it’s the right metaphor for a decision you came to …

Maybe it’s something else that needs scrubbing – the walls, your hard-drive, your skin ….

Maybe you want to explore a familiar character known for doing hard domestic labor – such as Cinderella or Belle,  – on a persona poem …

Have fun poeming!

My floor poem …



I’m already taking advantage of the weather today.  My clothes-line is already weighted down with 4 loads of laundry, making a thick canopy for my patio table.

And now I am heading to the store before the day reaches melting temperatures.