I had hoped things would settle down this week, after the last week’s events … but as soon as I try to catch my breath, there’s still a few curve balls.  Still, I’m tenacious – Let’s forge ahead!

I mentioned I wanted to start trying to post the prompt(s) the night before, since my computer does not let me post early morning … so here it is …

Sunday Jul 1 prompt was “I decided to stay here even though you told me to leave…”


Monday July 2 prompt is “The streets weren’t safe after dawn”



You recall I spent much of last week painting a drum form the “Repercussions” Group Show at Prisms Galley/Salem At Walk?

Here it is at June’s Salem Art Walk  this past Friday:


Well, I better hit the sheets; Monday’s demands are already screaming and I am really going to need to push through it all. On the plus side – I should have a new phone by the time the sun goes down; meeting with my brothers in the evening as we switch the family to a new Family Plan.