Slow going this morning. I achieved Sloth speed, but I am moving (somewhat) and I’ve eaten and had my lemon water so that is a victory after all of yesterday’s outings.

So the goal of today is recovery. I think the extent of my gardening attempts today will just be turning the sprinklers on.

But my time at the Salem Ar Fair was glorious – ran into some friends I hadn’ seen in many moons. And everyone I conversed with was quite welcoming.  And – Oh My God – the array of art was amazing! Not sure yet what I will paint. And poem. Been looking over my reference pictures.

Saturday, July 21st prompt is “the devil still owes me 50 bucks” 

Play with it … Use the whole line. Imagine a situation when you may have bet the devil and won. Or maybe a time when you had to loan the devil some green … maybe the Greyhound driver made a policy of not letting strangers at crossroads ride for free. (It’s easy for me to envision this – I’m a fan of Supernatural’s Dean & Sam).

Perhaps this is why you choose hell over heaven when you die?

Or maybe there’s a pesky person in your life who owes you money; some imp who hasn’t paid up.  Someone you did a solid for … and they don’t know you from Adam now that their funds are liquid again.  Someone worthy of dying by the pen ….

Poem it.

And talking about The Devil … let me share this tongue-in-cheek little whimsy:


After Watching Billy Graham


Well  … better get that water flowing, the outer rooms are looking a little brown from the California sun on my unsuspecting Oregon flora.