I wasn’t too sure of using today’s prompt – with it being a #SundayFunday … but maybe this is the mind-shift we need before the workweek begins. You know – positive thinking.

So I’m going forward with today’s writing prompt which is “have fun at work”.

Maybe this is a fantasy of what you wish you could do at work? To your co-workers? This could be a practical joke or perhaps well- planned revenge. I know how satisfying it is to kill people in my poetry – keeps me from killing them in real life. And I end up with a piece of dark whimsy that people enjoy listening to at poetry readings.

Or perhaps it’s a sex dream that you will never act on … or will you? (Perhaps it will be one of my Bits of Cyn) …

Or this could be a fond memory of a fun day at work. For me, this could  be a well-deserved ode to one of my past co-workers – especially at Applied Techical Video, the Employee Development Training Unit, or the Child Welfare Training Unit (such incredible people!)

Maybe it’s a dream of your being your Boss’ boss?

Maybe it’s a hope for the coming week?

Make it your own – let your humor and imagination out. After all – it’s still Sunday Funday!

PS: It looking for a good graphic, I find this is National #HaveFunAtWorkDayNo – It’s not where I got the prompt, just a wrinkle in the time continum …


I spent sometime updating my website yesterday – for both CC Willow & Ariel happenings. It was a tug-o-war all day with the ‘puter gremlins; and for the most part I have won. I have updated calendars, dates, and I have added pages for the chapbooks & novels I am working on.

But the Gremlins won the final battle yesterday – in setting up sub-menus for the header, my new pages are stuck as primary menu items. My Wprdpress become locked up in loops and, after putting a call out to WP Tech support, I just had to shut down my Pixy laptop for the evening/night.

I haven’t tried to fix this yet this morning – I’m hoping the gremlins will still be sleeping, But this post was a higher priority and I wanted this prompt sent out before they wake up again. Maybe yesterday’s battles wore them out – I was very tenacious and worked my way through most of the labyrinths they sent me into – except that last one, what a doozy; my swords got dulled by then. … I needed to catch the latest Lucifer episode anyways.

FYI: I am compliling February’s Ariel Lists – the blog’s list & the Pintereat List that I post Jan 31.

If there is a prompt you want to suggest … send it to me! Either in the comments or you can email me!

I suggest these prompts to you – I am more than willing to have you suggest prompts to me.  I’m all about the prompts!