Today’s prompt is actually inspired by one of my IRL poet friends – Nicole Taylor. of Eugene, Oregon. She will post poems that start with a word, place it in a firm base of it’s own definition , it’s synonyms …and then lets the word explore out on it’s own trajectory. It’s amazing taking the journey of a single word can do! I am often in awe of  my dear freind’s ability to do this; it forms this very unique voice to her pieces..

So – in honor of her, I’m setting today’s prompt as “thesaurus”. I hope to write something very nicolesque – but in an arielian feel. (It’s a homage; I don’t want to steal her voice.)

And as for HER poetry … I know ther are a few places in Salem & Eugene that have Nicole Taylor’s chapbooks for sale. If you run across them, treat yourself to one or two!  I know I should post the actual titles here – but I’m too drained right now to pull them out off my poetry shelf , where at least one of them resides (Yes, I do collect te works of local poets!) But my body is demanding sleep and a recharge! And, yes, she is on Facebook if you want to reach out to her; since she moved from Salem, that’s how we stay in touch!