I’m combining two here as I was too sick to post Jan 11 prompt – which I really was excited about inncluding. But I’m kinda vertical right now & it is still technically the 11th – so Thursday’s prompt is – WAS – looking forward a bit … “Spring 2025”

What do you think it will be like? What will you be doing? What will your world look like? It’s only seven years away – alot can happen in so short a time.

And the Prompt for Jan 12 was a little forcasting … it is “that cold place”

Of course, it would be easy to combine these two prompts … a little doomsday portent perhaps – given our current world leaders.

But that could be MY cold bones talking. (Still pretty sick.)

On a positive note. some videos I’m watching tonight has reminded me that our Earth has gone through rapid changes and truamas and it is still turning. Life does survive even when it is forced to change form.