Today’s prompt is an expected one – because I think it is a reminder of how needed basic human rights is; it is”Martin Luther King Day ”

I’m a strong propoent of diversity and equity. And as a vocal advocate of both, King has been one of my heroes. I have written several poems about him and to him – both hopeful and defeated.

I think his words are greatly needed now – to push back upon the resurgance of ignorance and bigotry. I truly hope that we will not allow he worst among us to define us. I look forward to the day that America returns back towards sanity and dignity.  I honestly thought it would have happened by now – instead we still are slidding into some Gileadian third-world country.

Perhaps it hasn’t been repelled yet because we are fighting too many battles on too many fronts. The alt-right forces are set to tear down anyhing of value.

I know I feel too embattled to fight every fight these days. It’s a literal struggle just to eat each day, to scrape for what I need just for that day. and my strength is depleted, inadequate for the big battles – those that define us as a society. I’m ashamed of this –

And when I think of how my fall was engineered – i get bitter. Hardened

But then I remember I am a daughter of literal kings. I have the blood of The Bruce and The Wallace flowing through my veins.I am a daughter of literal heros. And isn’t that what the world needs right now?

So – I willl use today to re-commit tto Peace, to that ideal society I believe we can become. That great Heaven on Earth when we treat each other truly as Brothers and Sisters – for we are honestly only one race – the human race.  I aspire to the bravery of those great souls that risked themselves to protect others from harm – the Ten Booms and the Schindlers. The Rosa Parks and the Hariett Tubmans.

Today I won’t be beaten, I won’t be defeated.