Grabbed another National Day for today’s prompt & it is National Nothing Day” ,

A day just to sit without celebrating, observing or honoring anything. How will you interpret this for a poem? Will it be an ode to “nothing”, an ode to simplicity (“Tis a Gift to be Simple”). Perhaps a poem about solitude? (“The Sound of Silence“?) A persona poem about being a hermit? Maybe a poem about someone who – in myriad ways-  does “nothing” for you. Or perhaps a letter to a neglectful person.

Maybe it was you – you needed to do something and – due to circumstances – you ended up doing nothing. This is a chance to explain yourself – what obstacles were too much, were too daunting? You are only human, you know – it’s okay to be vulnerable … at least in poetry.

Perhaps it’s a poem about tossing away your to-do list

I’m late in posting (Sorry!) – I suppose that’s a form of doing nothing earlier. Personally -I am sick of “doing nothing” – this invalid period has been about a month now. Yuck. I’m ready to do something – ANYTHING! That too can be a poem today – climbing mountains, hiking the Pacific Trail, falling in love, bathing in the seas, birthing nations …. doing laundry. Right now they all seem admirable adventures..

I will follow where the poem takes me!

I hope you do too! Feel free to share it with me.

Speaking about To-Do lists – I am notorious for creating those and having them run on and on.

I found an article last night about using a To-Be list instead.  In reading it, I see it was a good compliment to a Leadership course I took in 2015, consciosly taking steps to create WHO you want to be. This concept may have been around a while – even Oprah has an article about it.

So I’m going to be trying this  I’ve been feelng defeated lately – with my body not allowing me to accomplish most – if any- of my to-do list. By focusing instead on “being” (optimistic, humorous, hopeful, porductive) – maybe I can spot some accomplishment/progress that way – looking more at the end result than the actual steps.

Here goes nothing! <glasses clink>