So, Just a heads up – Today’s prompt is political times two. Because there are too important political events today.

At least – for me.  Because Sunday – today – is the Women’s March in Salem Oregon. YYes – I know there were many on Saturday – and I am so proud to see the faces and the numbers that have showed up (YES, my awesome friends were there!). But Salem, Oregon has ours oday in front of our State Capital. I ‘m not sure yet how I am getting there – but when history calls me to show up – I will show up.

The second politocal evet is “Art Action Day today – and this time it is in support of America’s LBGTQ community. And, yes, I am a vocal ally.

SO … somehow I will make an artistic statement for

So today’s TWOFER prompts are “Still She Rises” & “LBGTQ” …

Because us justice warriors know how to use our voices to make he world a better place!