i had planned – last month – to have today’s prompt be “cheese lover” – but I’m changing that – Today’s prompt is definately “rebel princess”.

I finally got to see The Last Jedi on Friday evening – and I have walked away with hope.

There’s a point in the movie when Princess Leia is asked how a rebellion can be built with so few … and Leia replies “We have everything we need”.

I forgot I am a Rebel Princess. You see I grew up playing Star Wars, grew up being a female hero – a victim at times … but constantly saving myself, and in reality, not just imagination. I have ingrained in me that deterination and that passion. And Have often throughout my adulthood. That is how I was able to work and drive and make a living despite severe vertigo and illness. Because I had to. Because I was a hero and WOULD presevere. It is how I survived life-threatening situations, I HAD to survive – there were tasks still to complete, “damsels” still to rescue. It is how I survived that accidental overdose last week – there are still things I need to accomplish. I am a Rebel Princess. Why and how I forgot – I don’t know. But I remember; now, I remember,

As discouraged & defeted as I have been, I now remember I have evrything needed to save myself AND those I care for. Even to save my country from it’s grip of ignorance & hate. My story’s not over.

What is there in you that you have forgot? That you need to remember? What is there you need to reclaim and what tasks do you still need to complete?

As another great mythogical hero, Samwise Gamgee, observed – what makes a hero THE HERO is they kept going on. They could have quit – and many do but only temporarily … and then they take up the task again.

So – yes – today’s prompt is “Rebel Pritncess”. That;s what is calling me right now.