Today’s is going to be a long post – Because it is the final day to prepare for National Poetry Month and I have a lot of irons in the fire – so to speak.

Yesterday’s prompt was “hyper”.  

Today is World Backup Day – Something I actually do 2 ‘s a year. In April right before NAPoWriMo ends AND in November right before NaNoWriMo ends. It’s when I have the most to lose, so those have been the times when my computer is most at risk to “crash” and lose everything. LOL! So today’s prompt is “back-up”.

Guess I should take the precaution and back my ‘puters up early. My brother had his laptop die on him this month – only to find his dusty desktop was too old to be upgraded. He is not a happy camper right now; trekking his way to his boss’ home each day now to do the computer scheduling, rather than work from home like he was doing.

Tomorrow  National/Global Poetry Month. starts – and with it the annual writing challenges “Poem-A-Day” aka PAD.

I will be participating in three of them myself:

  • Robert Lee Brewer’s Apr PAD challenge on his Writer’s Digest’ Poetic Asides blog.  This is his 11th year offering it – And I have been participating each time.
  • The official NaPoWriMo Challenge (Nation Poetry Writing Month). Also accurately called GloPWriMo (Global Poetry Writing Month) as it quickly went international. GloPoWriMo 2018 button blackBased loosely on the NaNoWriMo model; it has not been around NaPoWriMo 2018 blog button whiteas long as RLB’s Challenge, but it’s got more attention.   …ANd they have an early bird prompt for today! Annnnd – today they’ve got NaNoMriMo/GloPoWriMo buttons o add to your website.
  • The Poetry School NaPoWriMo challenge. You need to register to participate in this one … but it is free! And they have some dynamic prompts they post!
  • WORDxWord is doing a 30/30 challenge on their blog. Day 1 is up already!
  • Moore School offers a 30 Day Poetry Challenge – a list of prompts for each National Poetry Month Day.
  • Contemporary Verse 2 does a twist on Poetry Writing for National Poetry Month … they have a 2-Day challenge. Check their page out for the deets.

There may be others … I will share them when I find them!

I have some poetry readings coming up …

An Anthology I participated in  – Moment Before Midnight – launches in April. (April 26 to be precise). This is a poetry collection that explores the current political climate and my a home for some of my recent political pieces.  MOM poets will be reading on the following dates

Thursday,  April 12 Salem Poetry Project at the Barrel & Keg in Salem, Oregon 7 – 8:30 PM in Salem Oregon.

  • Saturday, April 14 at the West Linn Library in West Linn, Oregon (I can’t make this event.)
  • Thursday, April 26 at the Barrel & Keg in Salem, Oregon Western Oregon University (WOU)  Noon to 5PM.
              -Western Oregon University, Monmouth, 345 Monmouth Ave. N. 97361 
             -Building ITC 211 (Auditorium, 115 seats)
    Reading, workshops (including Spanish ones),  ‘poet professors’, student organizations, etc
  • Sunday, June 10, “Burning Down the Barnes” @ Barnes & Noble in Eugene, Garden Poems at Gaiety Hollow mar 22Oregon 3-5 PM (I can’t make this event.)

I shared last year, how I participated in 2017 Write The Town, along with my local OPA chapter Mid Valley Poets Association (MVPA). One of the

WTW locations, Gaiety Hollow, has asked WVPA to do a poetry reading.

  • Sunday, April 22 Garden Poems at Gaiety Hollow,  in Salem, Oregon 2 – 4 pm

Hope to see you at one of these events!

Poem, poem, poem. Should I share another?

Heck – Why not? Just to get in the mindset for all those PAD challenges …

"Words" by Ariel, Pacific NW poet.

Now to finish composing MY PAD prompys for April …