Wednesday … I’m late. Sorry. If you follow me on Facebook you probably know I have been experiencing issues sleeping – it hasn’ been pleasant and I’ve been avoiding it. Last evening I crashed and crashed hard, sleeping until early afternoon today.

So onto today’s prompt  “saudade – nostalgia, the love that remains a desire to be near someone or something distant”.

Usually, I pick the prompt and then pick the poem that best fits it as a sample; today I picked the poem first because I really feel the need to share Living In Your Pocket. And, yes, saudade was definitely the feeling that directed it’s composition.  I think the prompt for that day was “pebble” and I definitely feel like a pebble missing my Tiger that day.

Living in You Pocket by Ariel

This evening I will be spending time as CC Willow; Prisms is having a First Wednesday Art Reception for the Figuring It Out Art Show.

In art, drawing (especially humans) has been my weakness as an artist; unlike my Dad and brother, I do not have a natural talent for i – only a yearning. It took a while for me to realize I could still pick up the training and develop the skill so, in 2003, I actively started seeking out the wherewithal to create the visual art I want. And I practice and practice and practice. And now I am a professional artist – doing shows and I have my work available on Etsy and other venues.

Now during the last Paint The Town series, I got the urge to paint a little boy at a restaurant, the son of a chef (at a local restaurant) dressed in a little apron on “crawfish day” – a piece I have tentatively titled “Little Chef”. I have the all the reference photos to compose the composition – the boy, the outdoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen, the crawfish … I just could not do justice on portraying the boy.

Prism’s started to offer drawing classes this past fall and end of December I finally was able to attend. It has given me the “assignments” and “deadlines” I really focus in on getting my skill to a level this art piece deserves. I am not there yet, but thanks to this class I have made great strides in a month and a half.

Tonight’s show is just to show our drawing journey and to celebrate each other’s success and enjoy our artistic differences – how people see the same thing but see them in different ways. my pieces will be shown “raw” – unframed and as “in progress” works.

Figuring It Out art Show

It is hard to show unfinished pieces – but it is my truth of my artistic journey right now and as such deserves my exposing and celebrating it. In 2003 I wouldn’t even come this close to its current level. So in an hour, I take it in to go on the wall.

In an hour, the world has access to it. Come join me 5-8 pm his evening at Prism Gallery. there will be food & drink. And, incidentally, I was one of the early January  !!! right arow models so you can see how others drew me.

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