Ariel, Pacific NW poet

writing confessional and haunting poetry.



Jul 2 prompt

Tuesday and still exploring the Greek Muses. Continue reading “Jul 2 prompt”

Jul 1 prompt

Happy July 1st – Late  – but I spent the majority Continue reading “Jul 1 prompt”

Jun 30 prompt

Going to stick with the Continue reading “Jun 30 prompt”

Jun 29 prompt

Let’s stick with the Continue reading “Jun 29 prompt”

Jun 28 prompt

And from the dryad wife, Chryopeleia, I am Continue reading “Jun 28 prompt”

Jun 27 prompt

Arcas had many women as mates; I think Continue reading “Jun 27 prompt”

Jun 26 prompt

Let’s go from Mother to Son Continue reading “Jun 26 prompt”

Jun 25 prompt

I had an early start this morning – but I’m back. Continue reading “Jun 25 prompt”

Jun 24 prompt

Who shall we explore today? I’m thinking of going Continue reading “Jun 24 prompt”

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