Okay, I’ve been needing to take care of two months worth of tasks and priorities.  Now that I have put out “fires” ~  let’s get back to poeming. And I will be populating this blog today with this week’s truant prompts.

We are exploring classical myths and legends this June (I’ve even been listening to documentaries on Greece, Rome. Mesopotamia) and Monday was the blind bard, Homer. Homer had written The Iliad (About Agamemnon & Achilles) and The Odyssey (about Odysseus’ voyage. We already played with both with Agamemnon and his nemesis … so for our latest chain …

Tuesday’s prompt was – Odysseus (Ulysses), is a legendary Greek king of Ithaca and the protanganist of The Odyssey. He was renowned for his intellectual brilliance, guile, and versatility earning him the nickname “Odysseus the Cunning”.

I also have been mining National Days as alternative prompts. June 18th was:

Go on … take the bait and splurge on the extra prompts!

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Photo credit:Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Sperlonga Head of Odysseus from a sculptural group representing Odysseus blinding Polyphemus