And from Ctimene let’s follow the chain to the servant …

Friday ‘s prompt was “Eumaeus – brought up with Odysseus and his sister Ctimene, and was treated by Anticleia, their mother, almost as Ctimene’s equal.

If you thought June 20th didn’t have enough “special days” attached to it, maybe June 21st will satisfy you; it has ten!

  1. First day of Summer … the summer solstice and the longest day of the year!
  2. National Peaches and Cream Day
  3. Day of the Gong 
  4. Go Skateboarding Day.
  5. National Daylight Appreciation Day
  6. National Selfie Day 
  7. National Arizona Day
  8. Take Back the Lunch Break Day (I admit – I used to be one to work through my lunch break)
  9. National Seashell Day
  10. Take Your Dog to Work Day

Whew! There’s gotta be something in that list that appeals to your poetic muse

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Photo credit: Bonaventura Genelli, Odysseus sits by the fire as Eumaeus discovers Telemachus at the entrance of his hut