2017 Something Red Art Walk
2017 Something Red Art Walk

In honor of laast night’s festivities – The Something Red Art Walk  – that kicked off wih a reception  and music last night. So today is “Something Red”  …

I started my “Something Red piecelast night – titled “Brie and Apricot” still in progress. It’s shy & being coy; coming to me by teasing out only a line at a time – but, oh, what lines. 🙂  I look forward to what it forms. Hopefully I’ll finish it today.  If so, I’ll  update & share (and yes – I updated this)

Speaking of Something Red – I have two CC Willow pieces available on the Something Red Artwalk. Redhead (today’s featured image) is hanging at Elsinore Framing & Fine Arts in their Gallery 44. And “Tent at World Beat is on display at Capital Community Television (CCTV). Both are in downtown Salem and will be up now and throughout December.

My draft  …

something red, brie and apricot – a checklist

  1. five women in various reds
  2. a patchwork jacket, a silk handbag
  3. layered felt upon felt
  4. i take off my quilted coat
  5. sip wine mulled with blood-oranges and cinnamon
  6. a musician’s crimson song punctuates the air, a sharp “ha, ha, ha”
  7. i hope he stays
  8. from this distance, the single flame is so bright – it looks white
  9. later i will naked in bed, wearing only a red hat – felt again, cardinal
  10. more maroon wine – dark & sweet
  11. as i watch holiday lights change color, cycle to neon red
  12. i stay red – cadmium red
  13. it’s not that i’m overheated
  14. my cooling skin reminds me of warm bookstores, taking refuge from the snows
  15. i’m sure that pink skin has taken the chill from the evening air
  16. and in the morning, the sun will rise a pale yellow, almost white
  17. throwing my stripped trees in stark relief
  18. i’ll photograph it, frame it
  19. hang it on a red brick wall to remember the subtle underlying layer
  20. even then i’ll be thinking of you
  21. how you feel like smooth brie, spread with apricot jam
  22. that genius blend of aged salt and sweet summer on a december night
  23. that taste of you is in my mouth right now
  24. in this bright room of celebrants
  25. images of red slide into each other, cast on the gallery wall
  26. a joyful collage of innocence, joy, passion, loss
  27. green cast in every shade of red
  28. a bird resting under a found umbrella
  29. a landscape of burnt forest, ash
  30. a bird cupped in three hands, found felt
  31. degrees of every red … strawberry, cranberry, merlot


Poinsetta by CC Willow
Poinsetta by CC Willow

Reminder, my Etsy site CC Willow Arts will be 10% off through December (I can gift-wrap for you). Also – If you like my zentangle patterns, many are available on items, like pillows, on RedBubble. I’ve got over a few more new ones uploaded. I am getting ready to upload some of my ddad’s art; it’s amazing! …

Poinsetta by CC Willow
Poinsetta by CC Willow

If you are into community theater and in Oregon’s Willamette Valley – the murder mystery that I have been in rehearsals for – “Christmas At The Blizzard” -opened Dec 1 and is running weekends through Dec. 17.  See Silverton’s  Brush Creek Playhouse’s website for details …