Today I pull out another National Day … and it should be a holiday, in my estimation! It is Have A Coke Day, or in Twitter speech – #NationalHaveACokeDay.

It’s no secret I am a Cocaholic – a devout Coca-Cola Classic imbiber, something I was proudly addicted to

At least, I was. Until 8 days ago, when I went cold-turkey on Mexican Coca-Cola caramel concoction. That’s a big part of why I’ve missed days lately; I’ve been fighting that withdrawal crash. And it’s a double-whammy as, my doctor reminds me, I used it to manage my symptoms, to self-medicate.

Coca-Cola sloagans through the years ….

This week, my “Coke” consists of water muddled with lemon juice in a Coke glass. And I hope this withdrawal tapers off soon. I was a heavy Coke-drinker … a “Coke”-head; it may take a while to purge.

I didn’t “have” to quit – I’m not diabetic. It was a conscious decision – partly to save money, partly to lose weight. I was inspired quite a bit by my friend, Gene Stewart, purging it from his diet. And there are worse addictions I have never suffered from – alcohol, tobacco, street drugs. I understand the withdrawal is harder from those.

So I’ll keep riding out this out. And while I’ll rock my “Coca-Cola Adds Life to Me” shirt (maybe play pool with my Coca-Cola cue stick) – my Coke glass will stick with that clear, lemon-infused water.

And write an ode to the “Elixer of Life” that served me so well for so long …

Today’s prompt is “have a coke”.

And, No, I’m not getting rid of my Coca-Cola paraphernalia! Even the empty bottles still have their uses! Pretty sure that when I’m ready to add Coke back into my life, It’ll still be available; its been around since 1891.

Let me share one of my “Coke” poems …

Mexican Coca Cola

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