I was planning on doing nothing today Yeah – that’s not gonna happen. Creatives don’t do “nothing” …

 Yesterday’s  prompt was “buried on mars”

Today’s prompt is ” drink wine day” -yes – this is one thing I won’t be doing. I love wine … but none on hand. I have paint though – and canvas. So maybe I’ll paint wine.

And how about a wine poem …

Once Upon A Wineglass
(Wine and Writers)

The six glasses sat beckoning
and it’s been a long day.

The steward slid the half pour in,
subtle yellow Sauvignon Blanc standing in a round.

Hard edges of the 2015 Villa Maria was my morning;
a Grecian shanghai across the seas, unfinished, uninvited.

2014 Peter Yealands, an alternative bus;
it got me there with two minutes to spare.

2014 Infamous Goose, a mid-priced bouquet;
pleasant flavor offset by technical glitches in the email.

2015 Kim Crawford, an audacious fruity intention;
a well-crafted giggle to dispell afternoon’s gloom.

2013 St Clair – this would be walking out the door;
bright fruit notes, a smooth finish

2014 Greywacke – closing the day with gourmet;
crème brulee and unhindered words.

And, from today until the 19th,  take 15 minutes to inventory your birds, yeah? Post your findings at  birdcount.org.