Today’s prompt is “life jacket”.

Whether you use this motif as a safety net, something that is used to rescue, an object thet stops you from drowning or  ….  interpret this as you well.

Or maybe it’s the neon orange color that can take you on a journey today.

Maybe – if they appeal to you – the straps and clasps.

As for me – I hope to be conscious today – and hope whatever pain pills I have will allow abstract thought.  If I am able to think in “poetry” I may try to dictating the poem into my Dragon software or into “My Writing Spot” writing app on my phone – thank god for the advances in dictation abilities!

I half suspect I will go a bit macrabe with this prompt today; the first twenty four hours after a operation are usually subdued by vicodin – which gives me vivid and psychotic nightmares.  It’ll be interesting to see how my sub-consciouness makes Life jackets an object to terrify.

Thankfully, by evening I will advance to a kinder pain relief … if my state-provided insurance decides to allow me pain relief (iffy). I will try to get something created – even if it is only 2 lines … Something that will be my truth for today.