Yesterday’s prompt was an object – let’s go more human today. So I have chosen “cuddle up” for today.

Write about a time you had  a great cuddle, or maybe a poem to someone you would like to cuddle up with in front of a cherry wood fire. Maybe it’ll be an exploration of the senses – your pale skin against the smooth hairs of your loving pet. Maybe it’s the heat of another’s skin, the coolness of the cotton sheets …

Maybe this will be a love poem, it might become a memory poem – maybe it might become an anti-love poem. It mighht even become a literary ode about a book you love to cuddle up with.

Cuddling – and hugging – are two of my favorite activities. And the ones I long most for. It is likely how I am filling my recovery day, inviting my two furry housemates up on my bed and up against me.  I am anticipating that – whoever is home caring for me today – that pen and paper is left with arm’s reach & I may try some left-handed feats. Or some small right-handed projects that will not involve my healing back.

I do anticipate that today is the day I get vertical again – likely in the afternoon. My challenge is going to be to allow myself that cuddling, lying down time.