I go under the knife today – shoulder surgey is early, early Thursday (my ride picks me up at zero dark thirty). So the next few days my posts will be completely automated.

Which inspires today’s prompt – “without a scalpel”.

There have been some amazing advances in surgery since my first operation when I was eight. And I am hoping surgery technology has made a few more since my last one a few years ago.  I’m rather looking forward to when we can have surgery WITHOUT being cut open first – ala Bones McCoy! It’s bad enough that the “cure” is surgery; so unfair that it will take so long to recover from the “cure”.

That said … I’m nervous. Pray for me if you believe in prayer. Dance sky-clad in the moonlight if you don’t … (Please DON”T send photgraphic eveidence!}

And write! Write, write & write some more. Take my place & write (since I probably will be too doped up to do any myself).  And eat something. Drink something … I don’t get to after midnight. 😦

Not sure how much actual writing I will be able to do in the next week  – they are operating on my right shoulder – AND I’m a righty. I been chiding myself – if  there was any time to work on being ambidexterous, this last month was it. AND I didn’t. LOL!

Fortunately, four years ago, I loaded up Dragon (voice-recognition software) on all my computers. Useful – as there are times MHE leaves my hands in too much pain to type as fast as my mind demands. My brain DEMANDS poetry! (I often say poetry is my first language)  And at this time, surgery is still too clumsey to attempt on my fingers and knuckles. So I have to look to technology to fill my need.