Happy-ish Saturday! I had in my persona as CC Willow at last night’s Art Walk. Even better – Five of us women went out for an After Party at a local bar and talk consisted of active ways to nourish the art and music scene in Salem.Say lyrics And it looks like I got a spot in July’s “Rejected Art” Show (a counter art show to Salem’s Art Festival). If I remember right … I had two drinks which is one drink past my limit. So yeah – that “ish” is due to a rare hangover. But I’ve been hydrating myself this morning and I am shrugging off the remnants of it.

In to our prompt today.

We have been focusing on music this holiday month and creating ekphrastic poetry. and we are two days from the new year – a very introspective time for many, including myself; looking over the past year to see our success and failures and making strategies and goals for the next 12 months, it’s a time for creating and renewing personal mottos or affirmations … which leads to today’s song Say by John Mayer. our prompt is ‘say what you need to say”.

What do you need to say? What does the world need to hear from you? … Or perhaps it’s just one person that needs to hear something from you; what is it? Are you the one waiting for someone to say what they need to say?

While my poems are often about something I need to say or hear out loud and in black & white – I am often amazed how often I write a piece that has nothing to do with me … and amazed when someone comes up to me and tells me that poem was for them, It;s humbling to find those instances when you realize you are an active voice for the universe, connecting us to one another. Here’s your chance; listen hard and deep to your muse.

And talking about saying what you need to say – here’s a poem from New Year 2013!

Resolution Naturally by Ariel



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