Sorry I am late again; It’s day six of having a cold.

And I’m a SLIDer – how I feel affects my electronic devices; if I feel out-of-sorts or frustrated, my e-devices get glitchy, get batteries drained, and become bizarrily frustrating. (Extremely frustrated I affect non-electrical devices as well – cats, things formerly sitting on shelves, gravity, etc.)

So if I can’t stop my body from shivering, sneezing, coughing – just imagine what effect I am having on my computer & phone. I finally got A COMPUTER (out of three) to power up and semi-function;  the charger on my phone is still refusing to do it’s job, however (if there was a lake nearby, I would hurl the cursed thing in (my phone, not the charger).

But for the third day in a row, I am dressed and somewhat vertical. Though I am sure my lungs liguified and were coughed up four days ago. Everytime I think I have pushed through this, it pushes me back and sends me huddling under blankets again.

Which makes today’s prompt especially apropo; it is “chills”.

I am sure when I first composed this list the end of November (I was going for December-ish words), I had meant chills as in the chill of December  – of even chilly as in ghost story chills (like Christmas Carol). I had not meant or wanted these chills!

But – whichever one speaks to you – write about chills today.

And, YES – I have these drafted beforehand- but I like the immediacy of typing a conversation from me to you before it goes out. So I invariably cancel the scheduled posting so I can expand on my sketchy draft.

It is nearing the start of January & I need to start composing my prompt lists (both Ariel’s List on Pinterest and blog lists are unique lists, as you may have noticed earlier this month).

A fore-warning – some of my January prompts will be automatically scheduled and GO OUT AS SCHEDULED without expansion; I have an shoulder operation early January 4th and I will be fairly doped up the next few days. I don’t dare type in that condition –  I’m sure it would just get sent out as random letters and spacing, a “word salad” I believe was the term Boston Legal used. Even worse than today as I keep having to reboot,, redirect, revise … Good thing I’m TENACIOUS!!!!!

So, like weather-proofing the windows, new EKG, and finishing current projects – scheduling all of January’s postings is on my “Pre-Op list”. Right after Evicting This Cold (priority numero uno – anesthelogist will nix the operation if there’s any hint of a respiratory issue that day & it took me 1 1/2 years to get this operation approved and scheduled).

Poinsetta by CC Willow
Poinsetta by CC Willow

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